Program Details

Innovation Engineering I: Create

4 credits, CRN 44293
Tuesday and Thursday, 3 - 4:50 p.m.
Communications Facility 24/26

Cost: $1000

September 24 – December 12, 2014

The emphasis in Innovation Engineering is on “learning by doing” so the course will consist of online lectures as well as in-class hands-on labs and exercises.  The focus is on application of knowledge and skills practice rather than theory alone.

In this professional education course, students will learn to:

  1. Define innovation and explain the value of a culture of innovation
  2. Develop Meaningful Unique products, services and ideas
  3. Use Stimulus Mining techniques to create new ideas
  4. Use Diversity of Thinking techniques such as mind-mapping, classic creativity and left-right brain thinking.
  5. Drive out fear of failure from the innovation process
  6. Apply Insight and Market Mining to create meaningfully unique ideas
  7. Apply Invention and Patent mining to discover new technologies
  8. Apply Future Mining through trend and pattern recognition and lead user research
  9. Create new ideas through Spark Decks to stimulate learning
  10. Use checklists and matrices to create new solutions
  11. Use Create Sessions to develop innovative ideas
  12. Apply Lateral Thinking to stimulate innovative solutions
  13. Understand and use TRIZ as an analytical tool to solve problems
  14. Apply problem solving techniques to identify conflicts and speed problem resolution


Many in-class activities will involve “information mining,” which is a secondary research technique utilizing various government and trade databases as well as the popular press — for this reason the class will be held in a computer lab.  You are free to bring your own laptop or tablet if you prefer.

There is no textbook required for Innovation Engineering. Instead we use an online web portal called Innovation Engineering Labs.  Access to Labs will be available through the Associated Students Bookstore.  You will also need access to a computer to complete the online lectures as homework before attending class.

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