Management Classes - Spring 2015

Teach Natural and Cultural History at North Cascades InstituteCurriculum in Env Education: ENVS 582

5 credits

CRN 13526 (TBD)

Examination of all aspects of curriculum for environmental education, especially in the non-formal setting of environmental learning centers, nature centers and outdoor schools. Curriculum theory and methodology appropriate to these settings will be studied, as will processes of curriculum design. Current programs and materials will be reviewed. Students will practice the skills of preparing curriculum and learning materials. 

Cost: $1330 ($266 per credit)

Introductory Algebra: MATH 099

5 credits

CRN 12146 (M-F) 2 p.m.

Gain skill working with algebraic language and concepts using graphs, tables and algebraic expressions and equations in order to prepare for math 112. Develop problem solving abilities and understanding. Polynomials, exponents, roots, radicals, and linear equations and inequalities and their graphs. Pass/Fail grading. 

Cost: $500 ($100 per credit)

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