Faculty Bio

R.W. Goodwin

After graduating from university, my first job was in the mailroom at CBS in Los Angeles. From there I worked in production on a local television documentary series, then in production on a network drama series and also sold or was commissioned to write a number of feature film scripts. It took about five years at all these endeavors before I learned what all the many jobs there are that go into making a professional production.

This class is designed to give you that same information in five weeks. While accommodating your other class requirements, this is an intense class/lab that requires participation by every student. Upon completion, you will have a thorough knowledge of all the departments (and positions within those departments) that are required to make a movie. You may want to write, direct, produce or act, in which case knowing how the process works is invaluable knowledge to help you succeed. Or, you may find that particular job you feel you're most excited about and get some ideas how to pursue it. 

I suggest you look at the Behind The Scenes video put together by the HTMM class last winter quarter at WWU for a better understanding of what the class entails. Also take a look at "Final Score", our class film from that quarter to see the level of production you will experience.

R.W. Goodwin Resume

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