How do I get started?

Planning for a conference or event is time consuming and requires attention to detail.

Start the planning process by contacting Conference Services to assist you in:


Questions to consider during this process include:
  • Who do I contact to reserve classrooms or other needed space on- and off-campus?
  • How do I arrange for food and catering services?
  • What about lodging for participants’ on- or off-campus?
  • Can participants register online for the conference?
  • How do I collect and deposit money for my event or conference?
  • I need a web site, registration and publicity materials, is there someone that can help me with that?
  • How do I pay bills related to my conference or event?
  • Who can help me create, manage and reconcile a conference budget?
  • How do I make VIP arrangements – lodging, meals, pay, travel, etc?
  • Do I need to be aware of any university and state policies?
  • Are there any required forms I need to complete?
  • What about parking on campus during the event?
  • How do I arrange shuttle transportation to and from the conference venue?
  • I need on-site staff support during the conference, who can help me?
  • Who do I contact about AV equipment and setup?
  • Who can provide and set up event signs?

Leave the details to us, so you can enjoy your event!