Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Who do I contact at Western Washington University (WWU) for more information about the Computer and Information Systems Security (CISS) degree?
A.  For advisement related to the program and course content, contact:

Jenny Hebert
Project Manager

Q.   What are the requirements to apply to WWU’s CISS program?
A.   While not a guarantee of acceptance into the program, students must successfully complete Whatcom Community College’s AAS-T degree in Cybersecurity with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher.

Q.   I already graduated from Whatcom Community College (WCC) with an AS in Computer Information Systems. Can I apply to WWU’s CISS program?

A.  While the CIS AS degree has many courses in common with the Cybersecurity AAS-T degree, the AAS-T must be earned in order to be eligible to transfer into the WWU CISS degree program. Contact WCC’s and WWU’s academic advisors for additional information on how to proceed.
WCC: Dave Knapp – 360.383.3080 |
WWU: Jenny Hebert – 360.650.7780 |


Q.   I am currently enrolled at Bellingham Technical College (BTC) and would like to enroll in WCC’s AAS-T in Cybersecurity program and eventually transfer into WWU’s CISS B.S. program. Will any of my BTC credits transfer?
A.   Contact WCC’s academic advisor for credit equivalency.
WCC: Dave Knapp – 360.383.3080 |


Q.   When can I apply to WWU’s CISS program?
A.   The Western program is targeted to enroll a cohort of students each fall quarter, and applications from transfer students are due by March 1; however, WWU will accept applications after March 1 for fall quarter acceptance pending space availability. Subsequent due dates are October 1 for winter quarter and January 15 for spring quarter.


Q.   How do I apply to WWU’s CISS program?
A.   Apply to both WWU and to the CISS Program, as outlined below and online at:

To apply to WWU:

  • The WWU Admission application can be accessed and submitted online. You will fill out the WWU Extension Program Application.
  • The non-refundable processing fee is due upon submission of your application.
  • An official transcript(s) from each college or university is required for your application to be complete.  Students who have attended Washington State community colleges are encouraged to have their transcripts be sent electronically.
  • Other out-of-state college/university official transcripts can be mailed to:

Office of Admission
516 High Street MS 9009
Bellingham, WA 98225

To apply to the CISS Program:

  • Submit a completed  WWU College of Science and Engineering Computer and Information Systems Security Program Application.
  • Submit a one-page Statement of Purpose, explaining why you wish to obtain a BS in Computer and Information Systems Security.  Please specify how this relates to your career interest.
  • Submit an unofficial transcript from Whatcom Community College
  • Submit one letter of reference (faculty preferred) and mail to the address below:

Western Washington University
Extended Education
Attn: Jenny Hebert
516 High Street MS 9102
Bellingham, WA 98225-9102


Q.   How will I know if I have been accepted into WWU’s CISS program?
A.    Applicants will be notified in writing of an admissions decision. The majority of decisions are made within six weeks after the application deadline.


Q.   What is the additional cost to continue my education toward completion of the B.S.-CISS degree?
A.    The CISS program is what is referred to as a self‐sustaining program which means that the program is not at this time receiving any state funds but budgeted through tuition revenue. As a result, there will be a base tuition regardless of whether an applicant is an in‐state or out-of-state resident at the time of application. It also means that the use of state “tuition exemption” for state employees is not permitted.

Current fees and tuition rates for Extension/Self‐Supporting programs:


Q.   Is financial aid available?
A.    Yes, students in the CISS program are eligible for financial aid. We strongly encourage all applicants to submit a FAFSA application by the required application due date:  For additional questions about WWU financial aid, please visit the Website; call (360) 650‐3470; email

Q.   I can earn a good living with just the Cybersecurity AAS-T degree. What is the benefit of continuing on to complete the CISS B.S.-degree?
A.    True, with successful completion of the Cybersecurity degree, you may be eligible for employment in mid-level positions with wages that start at $26.60/hour and up, or $55,328/year. However, with the CISS degree, you are more likely to be eligible for advanced positions that pay $40.81/hour and up, or $84,885/year. That’s a difference of almost $30,000 in earning potential per year!

CISS Degree gives you:

  • A competitive edge in the job market
  • Greater employment security
  • Increased earning potential
  • Career advancement

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