Employee Language Program

The WWU Employee Language Program is an initiative put forth by the President's Office to support Western faculty and staff through professional development and to encourage multicultural outreach and awareness. The workshops are the result of a combined effort of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, and Extended Education.

Registration Information and Summer Offerings

Western is proud to again offer Employee Language Program workshops for summer quarter.  We would like to thank President Shepard and the President's Office for their continued support of this program.

These professional development opportunities will be facilitated by upper division students in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages at Western.

Summer workshops will begin on Monday, July 7th and end on Friday, August 1st, see specific workshop days and times below.

Summer Quarter Offerings

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For descriptions of course levels and recommended preparation, please refer to the Curriculum section of this web site.


Recommended Background

Days and Time


Spanish: Survivor Edition

Absolutely no prior knowledge of Spanish is required.

T/R: 4-4:50 PM

This workshop is for anyone  who's ever wanted to learn a little bit of Spanish but hasn't taken the plunge  yet! You'll learn basic  survival phrases in Spanish, enough to help you navigate a short conversation  with a native speaker. You'll learn things like how to introduce yourself, how  to ask for directions, how to talk about hobbies and interests, and how to  order food. As with all Employee Language Program workshops, participants are  encouraged to share topics and to help shape the classes around their  interests, so let the facilitators know if there are other topics that interest  you.

Spanish: Culture & Conversation

To participate  in this workshop, you should have completed a Basic Spanish Level 1 workshop previously or  have equivalent experience.

M/W: 1-1:50 PM

Have you ever wondered why  the Spanish eat dinner so late or why soccer is such a big deal in so many  countries? Join this workshop and learn about the various countries and  cultures that make up the Spanish-speaking world, all while continuing to  polish your speaking, listening, and reading skills in Spanish.  As with all Employee Language Program workshops, participants  are encouraged to help shape the course topics, so bring your questions!

Spanish: Club de lectura "Reading Club"

Participants of all  levels are welcome, including those taking Survivor Spanish this summer.

F: 1-1:50 PM

This workshop will meet on  Fridays and will give participants a chance to read and discuss a range of  different kinds of texts. Each Friday workshop will have a general topic, with  short readings tailored to the levels of the participants, from beginners on  up. This workshop can be taken on its own or in combination with one of the  other workshops, so it's a great way to fit in a bit of language practice over  the summer or to supplement your other practice of Spanish.

Spanish: Professional Communication

To get the most out of this workshop, you should  have taken Basic Spanish Level 2 or higher in the Employee Language Program or have other  equivalent experience.

T/R: 9-9:50 AM

This workshop is for people  with some previous experience who want to polish their written Spanish while  continuing to practice their conversational abilities. Possible topics include  things like communicating with Spanish-speaking families or international  colleagues, but as with all Employee Language Program workshops, participants  are encouraged to share topics of interest to them and to help shape the  classes around their needs.

Along with the four workshops listed above, we will also host "La Mesa de Español" at 5:00 PM on Wednesdays at Café Rumba.

La Mesa de Español operates  through the academic year as an AS club, but we're continuing the conversation  table over the summer as a way to get additional practice speaking and  listening to Spanish. No homework or registration is required for this workshop;  just show up ready to speak Spanish!

Program Foundations

The WWU Employee Language Program was first introduced in President Shepard's Fall 2012 Opening Convocation for Faculty and Staff (see embedded video below).

Convocation Transcript: http://www.wwu.edu/president/speeches/sept-20-2012.shtml

Spring Showcase

For more information on the Spring 2014 Showcase, please click below:

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