About the Intensive English Program (IEP)

Intensive English Program Mission Statement

To foster quality English language learning experiences in order to assist post-secondary students in reaching their personal and professional goals to help internationalize Western Washington University.

EP helps students learn English for a variety of purposes, including regular enrollment and degree program study at Western Washington University.

IEP students are able to use all the resources of Western Washington University: the library, gym, student union, health center, outdoor playing fields and the Lakewood boating facility. Our offices and all of our classrooms are on campus, and IEP students are well integrated into university life.

Download IEP's Student Handbook

IEP is a member of the American Association of Intensive English Programs (AAIEP). Western Washington University is accredited by Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).

Levels of English

  • Level 1: Beginning
  • Level 2: Early Intermediate
  • Level 3: Intermediate
  • Level 4: Early Advanced
  • Level 5: Advanced
  • Level 6: University Prep

We understand how important accurate placement is and we want each student to be in the best learning environment. Each new student goes through level placement assessments upon arrival. IEP students are placed in the levels at the beginning of each quarter and register for a combination of core and support classes.

Core Classes

Core Classes are the classes that are offered at each level of the program. The core classes help students learn and improve their English in all of the language skill areas. All students are required to take the core classes in their level. The core classes are Reading, Writing, Grammar, Listening, and Speaking.

English Support Classes

English Support Classes are offered at every level and are designed to support the English language goals and standards at each level. All students are required to take English Support Classes. At some levels, there is only one English Support Class that all the students in that level take. In other levels, students have a choice among two or more English Support Classes.