AEP-Direct Transfers

International undergraduate applicants who do not meet Western’s minimum TOEFL requirement may be eligible for undergraduate admissions with an Academic English Program (AEP) provision. Students who are admitted to AEP enroll in regular university courses plus Academic English courses offered through the Intensive English Program (IEP) at Western. Students in AEP are formally admitted to the university as undergraduates and earn credit towards graduation.

Associate of Arts (AA) students who transfer from a Washington State community college or other regionally accredited university or college will be accepted directly into the Academic English Program. In order to register for regular university courses during the first quarter at Western, transfer students should have a TOEFL score of 68 iBT/520 PB, although other factors, such as transfer GPA and grades in college-level composition courses, will be considered.

Students admitted into the Academic English Program will be given a diagnostic/placement examination at the beginning of the first quarter at Western, administered through the Intensive English Program. All AEP students are required to complete an Advanced Academic Writing course and an Advanced Academic Communications course before moving into regular admission status. Students may also be advised to take a course in Advanced Grammar, in addition to regular credit coursework.

Students in the Academic English Program are expected to maintain a GPA of 2.75 in credit coursework and should work towards meeting Western’s minimum TOEFL requirement. TOEFL is one factor used to track students’ progress through AEP, but completion of AEP is primarily determined by GPA in credit classes and by writing and oral proficiency.

Note: students who need further English language study before beginning regular university coursework may apply for Conditional Undergraduate Admission. Conditional Admission students will enroll full-time in the Intensive English Program until meeting minimum requirements for entering the Academic English Program and enrolling in credit classes. Applicants for Conditional Admission should have a TOEFL of 500 PB/173 CB/60 iBT and fulfill all other requirements for undergraduate admission.

See English Proficiency/TOEFL Requirement at the Office of Admissions

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