Conditional Undergraduate Admission

Conditional undergraduate admission may be offered to applicants who do not meet the university's English language requirement or who need more university preparation and English language study before entering a degree program. Students do not need a TOEFL or IELTS score to apply.  However, before beginning to take regular university classes and moving into full admission status, students will need to demonstrate a high level of academic English ability, equivalent to Western’s English language requirement, through the Intensive English Program (IEP) coursework.

Conditional admission students attend the Intensive English Program full-time for a minimum of one quarter.  Before enrolling in their first regular university classes and earning credit towards a Bachelor’s degree, students first need to successfully complete the final level of IEP. During the first quarter of regular admission, conditional admission students enroll in Western’s Bridge Program, which includes university credit courses offered by the English Department, Communications Department, and other academic units at Western.

Students may apply for Conditional Admission by first enrolling in the Intensive English Program, or they may apply for conditional admission concurrently with IEP. On the International Student Undergraduate Application, applicants should check that they are "Seeking Conditional Admission to Western" to indicate this choice. Note that two applications, to both the Office of Admissions and to the Intensive English Program, are required.

Applicants must fulfill all other requirements for undergraduate admission, including having competitive grades from previous high school or post-secondary institutions. Freshmen applicants need to have completed foundation coursework in English, humanities, mathematics, natural/physical sciences and social sciences. For transfer applicants, academic coursework and experiences related to one's academic area of interest will strengthen the application.

How to Apply for Conditional Undergraduate Admission:

  1. Prepare supporting documents:
    -$55 WWU application fee
    -$100 IEP application fee
    -Copy of passport
    –Financial guarantee (bank statement)
    –Any high school and post-secondary transcripts
    –Personal statement essay

  2. Complete the conditional undergraduate admission application

  3. Submit your application and all supporting documents to:

    Mail: The Intensive English Program
    516 High St. MS 9102
    Bellingham, WA 98225

    We recommend you submit all of your conditional admission documents to the IEP office in order for us to better advise you through the process and track your application.
Page Updated 06.25.2015