Western Washington University

Pursue your education with Military Tuition Assistance

Eligibility Guidelines

Western Washington University is pleased to offer our military personnel a special tuition rate for our Extended Education undergraduate certificate/degree programs. This rate is available to all active duty personnel eligible for an approved Military Tuition Assistance (MTA) program.

  1. Eligible WWU programs

    The active duty military personnel tuition will be in lieu of the listed tuition for undergraduate courses/programs offered through Extended Education only, currently $166/credit.  Student must be formally admitted and enrolled as a matriculated student, pursuing a baccalaureate degree or approved certificate program via Extended Education at Western Washington University.

  2. What it doesn’t cover

    This program does not apply to Western programs and courses offered outside of Extended Education, nor does it apply to graduate-level programs or courses offered by Western. Applicable course fees, lab fees, material fees, application fees, the Extended Student Service fee, mandatory fees, or any other fees associated with a student’s enrollment will be billed separately.

  3. Student Eligibility

    The special tuition rate would be available to all active duty personnel eligible for an approved Military Tuition Assistance (MTA) program. Criteria for MTA eligibility varies for each branch of military service. For details, visit www.military.com/education


Complete the application  and submit with a copy of your current orders.

Students must provide the following for evidence of eligibility, at least two weeks prior to the academic quarter start date:

  1. Completed Application for Active Duty Tuition Rate

  2. Copy of military orders verifying active duty status (or Notification of Eligibility)

  3. Verification of formal admission to an eligible Western Extended Education undergraduate degree program.

*Students must remain in active duty status for the length of the quarter.

For additional information, please contact your site coordinator, call us at (360) 650-3308 or email ExtendedEd@wwu.edu