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Real Simple Project Management

In this course, students will explore Real Simple Project Management Principles:

  1. Reduce complexity in a system to the lowest level possible
  2. Eliminate wasted activities that do not produce value
  3. Start with the end in mind; Objectives + Results
  4. Visualize work flow to recognize progress and manage bottlenecks
  5. People do work, tools and software do not
  6. Behavior produces results not intentions
  7. Decisions must include action plans
  8. Systems produce failure, people do not

The emphasis in Real Simple Project Management (RSMP) is on learning by doing so the course will consist of hands-on workshops with exercises, discussions and Q&A sessions.  Participants will identify, design, and execute a project so that they are practicing the methods of RSMP daily.

The course will begin with the fundamentals of initiating, planning and executing a project using the RSPM approach.  Students will identify a professional project to develop and execute over the course of eight weeks. The course will conclude with lessons learned from the project experience as well as methods for controlling the project and closing out the project using the RSPM approach. 

Course Topics:

  • Project Development
    • Feasibility of Scope
    • Deliverables + Deadlines
    • Project Approval

  • Project Planning
    • Talent Acquisition (Drafting People)
    • Deliverables to Tasks
    • Budgeting
    • Communication
    • Change Management Plan

  • Project Execution
    • People
    • Tasks
    • Deadlines
    • Communication

  • Directing the Project
    • Measuring Progress
    • Managing Change & Risk
    • Stakeholder Management

  • Project Closeout
    • Deliverable Acceptance
    • Project Results & Feedback
    • After Action & Archiving

  • Lessons Learned Discussion
    • Key Takeaway’s
    • Participant Feedback
    • Continuous Improvement



No textbooks are required for this course.


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