Real Simple
Project Management

Increase Results with Lean Principles

“To be effective is the job of the executive” – Peter Drucker

Real Simple Project Management, is designed to help professionals employ lean project management principles to their everyday work and what it takes to reduce stress and increase results with Lean Principles.

This course applies to all industries and is designed to help manage small to medium professional projects. 

Examples of the type of projects:

  • managing personal workflow
  • developing a new version of a corporate website
  • organizing the hiring process for new employees
  • developing an annual report or event
  • launching a new product
  • buying and outfitting a new warehouse
  • conducting a business research project

“I feel like this course should become mandatory staff training. By implementing a few basic changes to my work flow, I have already seen improvements -and more importantly, so has my director.”

-- Jeremy Hammond, IT Specialist, WWU Facilities



"My emersion in RSPM is beginning to take root as I practice and apply RSPM lessons learned. RSPM is a stress reducer now in my tool box."

- Johanna

"Dan was the most refreshing adult educator I have had in years.  In the Real Simple Project Management class I took this spring classroom time flew by as Dan worked with our class to fit our individual needs.  His style is friendly, his knowledge immense and his spirit is uplifting.  I have taken quite a few PMP classes and only wish he could have been my instructor.  Well not just an instructor, he builds relationships and relationships build success."  

-- Geoff Beaumont, Operations Supervisor, Whatcom Transportation Authority

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