Kenya / Rwanda


Kenya/Rwanda: Field Studies and Collaborative
International Service-Learning

INTL 437H (15 credits) Winter Quarter 2014

Bellingham: January 7 -16; March 7-14, 2014
Kenya/Rwanda: January 18 - March 7, 2014


Still accepting applications!

In this course, students will explore the history and culture of East Africa through a winter quarter service-learning program, spending three weeks at Western and seven weeks on the ground in Kenya. The group will actively collaborate with in-country experts on the implementation of selected field experiences. The intent of this partnership is to provide a rich experiential learning opportunity that will:

  • Highlight the culture and politics of the region
  • Explore the challenges that rural Kenyans face
  • Examine grassroots approaches to community development
  • Apply these perspectives to student’s academic areas of interest

Service-learning projects may include working with local community-based organizations in areas of community development, health, education, income generation, sustainable agriculture, conservation, family and childhood, and more.

Prior to travel, students will participate in orientation, team building, and preparatory study. While in Kenya, in addition to service-learning projects, you will engage in on-site seminars, writing and reflective practice. Upon return to Western, students will create an action project for positive social change.

Safety, Security and Health
for Winter 2014 Kenya/Rwanda Program

We consider the well-being of our students to be the highest priority for our Kenya/Rwanda program. In planning for the winter program we have given considerable thought and attention to student safety and will monitor any potential risks in Kenya and Rwanda between now and our departure date.   

Please see U.S. State Dept. websites below if you would like more information:

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