Faculty-led Study Abroad
Payment / Application Information

  1. Complete the program application, if required. Check program web site for the application; no fee is due at this time. If no program application is required, proceed to #2 below.
  3. Complete the Faculty-led Travel Application online. The applicable non-refundable fee will be charged to your student account.
  4. (This fee will be refunded if the program is canceled.)

  5. Pay the fee charged to your student account. WWU does NOT mail invoices or bills. Students are responsible for paying account balances (including the non-refundable application fee) on time by monitoring current account activity through Web4U; instructions for the three methods of payment options – online, in person or by mail – are available on the Student Accounts FAQ page: (http://www.wwu.edu/sbo/faqs.shtml). To avoid late fees please refer to “How to Avoid Late Charges” on the Student Accounts homepage.
  6. Make scheduled pre-program payments. Check the payment schedule for the specific faculty-led travel program  to determine amounts and due dates. Payments should be made online through your student account no later than the deadline dates posted on the payment schedule or in person at the University Cashier in Old Main 110. These payments will be applied to the program tuition/fees amount.

To make this payment online: (Please note additional step*)

  • Log on to MyWestern
  • Enter Web4U
  • Enter “Student” tab
  • Click on “Student Records”
  • Click on “WWU Student Account Online.”
  • Click on “Make Payment” link in the “Your Account” section
  • *Click on “Faculty-led Travel” option to be sure your payment is applied correctly.
    Note: Payments to your student account can be made by e-check, MasterCard, or Discover Card only.
  • You can pay by e-check online through your student account with no service fee.

To make this payment by mail or in person
(at the WWU Cashier's Office - OM 110):

  • Print and complete the travel payment form, [click here]
  • Bring completed form and payment to OM 110 or mail to:
    WWU Cashier, Extended Ed
    516 High Street, MS 9004
    Bellingham, WA 98225

    Note: If paying in person, please let the cashier know that you are making a payment towards a "Faculty-led Travel Program" so it is applied correctly.

  • You can elect to make a payment that exceeds the amount due. This payment will be applied to your  Faculty-led Study Abroad/Travel Program.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

  • The application fee is nonrefundable.
  • If a program is canceled, the non-refundable fee and other program payments are refunded.
  • If you cancel your registration, partial or no refund may be given based on financial commitments and payments made to program organizers.  No refunds will be issued after the following dates:
    • Fall programs – September 1
    • Winter programs – November 1
    • Spring programs –  January 15
    • Summer programs - April 1
  • Your completed “Faculty Led Program Application Packet” must be received by the International Programs & Exchanges office (Miller Hall 208), no later than 30 days prior to your scheduled departure date or you will be canceled from your program.  No refunds will be issued if you are canceled from your program.

Financial Aid for Students

Financial Aid may be available for these programs. If you are receiving financial aid, you will need to pay the nonrefundable application fee. The balance will be billed to your student account and paid when your quarter financial aid is awarded. Any balance not covered by financial aid will be due by the program quarter tuition deadline. Please contact the Financial Aid Department for details.


Contact Extended Education if you have any questions about the non-refundable fee or additional payments.

Page Updated 01.06.2014