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Western on the Peninsulas

Western on the Peninsulas is committed to helping individuals meet their personal and professional goals through non-credit Professional Development courses, local literature book group, and Western lecture series.

  • Connect with people in the community

  • Explore new learning opportunities

  • Engage with local authors and educators

  • Build your skills and dive into lifelong learning

What our students are saying

"When I went back to school at Huxley, it was a second career for me and a chance to pick up an old dream to work in environmental science.  I was able intern with folks in the community and make connections to move seamlessly into my industry of interest."

-Meggan, Waste Reduction Coordinator for Clallam County


"I chose the outreach program from Western Washington University because I would be able to still continue working and living in a community that I love, while attending classes at night. I also chose this program because I've known people who have graduated from it and they loved the cohort aspect of the program. There is no way I would be surviving this program if it weren't for the amazing twelve other aspiring teachers I attend with. The professors, supervisors, and leadership from this program are what make it so special and I am lucky to be a part of it. "

-Deanna Hussey, Current Student


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