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Do I have to live in the Fairhaven or Kappa Residence Halls?
Yes. The only way to have Viking Launch students move in early and meet their neighbors is to house all VL students in the same dorm.

VL students can choose to live in the Fairhaven complex or Kappa Hall on the Ridge. VL students will live in this assignment for the full academic year. Follow these links to learn more about the Halls -

Fairhaven: http://housing.wwu.edu/tour/fairhaven/ 
and its residents: http://housing.wwu.edu/halls/fairhaven/

Kappa: https://housing.wwu.edu/apps/halls/kappa/about/

Do I have to be a Fairhaven student to participate in Viking Launch?
No, any incoming freshmen can participate in Viking Launch. However you do have to reside on campus in the Fairhaven Residence Hall or the Kappa Hall on the Ridge for the full academic year. The Fairhaven Residence Hall is located in the Fairhaven complex but separate from Fairhaven College. Kappa is located on main campus.

Can I room with a friend who is not in the Viking Launch program?
Yes. Use the Roommate Pair web tool at the housing website to request and confirm pairing up with a friend. Be sure to meet the June 15 deadline. Your roommate will be placed with you into Fairhaven or Kappa.

What if I’m in Viking Launch but my roommate isn’t?
You room alone in Fairhaven or Kappa until he or she moves in.

Can I sign up for Viking Launch and the Honors Cluster?

Not at this time. You do need to choose between the two.

What if my preparation course convinces me I’m not prepared for the chemistry course I’m signed up for?
Of course, the purpose of the preparation course is to get you ready for chemistry. However, if the course convinces you otherwise we will help you change your schedule.

Can I change my VL seminar after I register for courses at Summerstart?
Yes, you can if there is space available in the VL seminar you want to register for.

Can I wait to register for VL until after I register for fall courses at Summerstart?
It is not recommended that you wait. There are limited spaces available in Viking Launch, so waiting until Summerstart may be too late. June 1 is the priority application deadline for Viking Launch; applications will be accepted on a space available basis after June 1.

Will my two-credit seminar count toward my graduation credits?
Yes. Viking Launch seminars count as elective credits.

How do I sign up for this great program?
Registration for Viking Launch 2014 will be announced soon.  We encourage you to sign up for our mailing list to be one of the first people notified when registration becomes available.

What is the cost and what does it cover?
The cost of the 2014 program is still being determined. Cost includes tuition and fees for all courses and seminars; lodging and meals, recreation activities, and a service-learning project.

Will I receive credit for VL?
Yes, you can receive up to two (2) undergraduate credits for VL.

Who is eligible to participate in VL?
All incoming freshmen living on campus (Fairhaven Residence Hall or Kappa Hall on the Ridge) can participate in VL.


Page Updated 01.29.2014