Launch your Western experience early!

Learn moreViking Launch offers incoming freshmen a strong, focused start up to college life at Western. Students will arrive on campus seven days early for an intensive week of study and preparation for a successful Western Experience.


2-credit program: September 13-19, 2015
1-credit program: September 13-18, 2015
Non credit program: September 13-18, 2015


  • Move-in to Fairhaven Residence Hall or Kappa Residence Hall and spend the whole year with other Viking Launch students
  • Receive an extended and supervised orientation to campus life
  • Complete a 1-credit, 2-credit, or non-credit thematic seminar or high interest preparation course
  • Explore service oportunities and spend a day in the community
  • Explore academic support services and other campus resources
  • Experience recreation sites and team-building activities in and around campus
  • Gain skills and knowledge in effective study skills, note taking, academic reading, personal finances, career planning and healthy living
  • Learn to navigate your way around campus
  • Meet peers, make social connections and form study groups before fall classes begin


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