Viking Launch

Viking Launch offers incoming freshmen a strong, focused start up to college life at Western. Students will arrive on campus seven days early for an intensive week of study and preparation for a successful Western Experience.


2-credit program: September 17-22, 2017
1-credit program: September 17-21, 2017
Non-credit program: September 17-21, 2017

Registration is expected to open in February, 2017. Please check back for further details then or click on “contact us” if you have questions or would like to receive notification when registration opens.

Attend Viking Launch to:

  • Move-in to Fairhaven Residence Hall or Kappa Residence Hall and spend the whole year with other Viking Launch students
  • Receive an extended and supervised orientation to campus life
  • Complete a 1-credit, 2-credit, or non-credit thematic seminar or high interest preparation course
  • Explore service opportunities and spend a day in the community
  • Explore academic support services and other campus resources
  • Experience recreation sites and team-building activities in and around campus
  • Gain skills and knowledge in effective study skills, note taking, academic reading, personal finances, career planning and healthy living
  • Learn to navigate your way around campus
  • Meet peers, make social connections and form study groups before fall classes begin

For more information, contact

Michele Anderson
(360) 650-6409

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