Western Washington University tracks its chemical inventory with an online database called CHIMERA: the Chemical Inventory Management & Electronic Reporting Application, developed by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Departments across Western’s campus have replaced or supplemented their inventory management systems with the CHIMERA online system.

CHIMERA provides Western with a number of advantages over previous systems. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) will be stored online, increasing ease of access for persons who use chemicals. The online inventory system also allows faculty to easily obtain detailed information about their chemical inventory, preventing wasteful over-stocking of chemicals. CHIMERA also makes chemical information more accessible to regulators and emergency personnel, which improves emergency response effectiveness and keeps WWU students, faculty and staff safe.

Before using CHIMERA, please contact your department for training and login credentials.   

CHIMERA Online Inventory Management Website

CHIMERA User Manual *Note- Enabling the Navigation pane in MS word facilitates searching by topic


Page Updated 11.22.2017