What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the science and practice of fitting living and working environments to the people in them. For the workplace this "fitting" helps reduce stresses and strains on the body which may be related to activities of the job. Many of the principles of ergonomics apply in the home or to sports and hobbies as well

For more information on workplace ergonomics visit the Department of Labor and Industries website at

To schedule a workstation assessment or for information on ergonomic products available contact Bruce Boyer at or call x2947

Ergonomics Training

Ergonomics training is available from the Environmental Health and Safety office. Ask your supervisor or instructor to contact us to schedule a training or a work-station assessment for your area.

  • UCLA Ergonomics
    A comprehensive site for workstation setups, lab ergonomics, exercises, stretches, back safety, and much more.
  • Cornell Ergonomics
    Lots of basic information plus current ergonomic studies.
  • Labor and Industries
    State of Washington ergonomics site.
  • OSHA
    Federal government source for ergonomic information.
Page Updated 11.22.2017