Getting Out in a Fire

If you get caught in a fire situation, survival is your top priority. You should:

Feel the Door Handle
  • If the door handle is hot, don’t open it
  • Go to a window and call for help
  • If the handle is not hot, open cautiously
  • Check for smoke or fire before going out
Get Out of the Building Before Phoning for Help
  • Don’t take time to phone before leaving
  • Get out and find a phone
Pull the Fire Alarm on Your Way Out
Don’t Look for Other People or Gather up Your Stuff
  • Knock on doors as you leave
  • Yell "FIRE!" as you leave
  • Don’t hesitate or stray from your path as you leave
Crawl Low to the Floor
  • Thick smoke can make it impossible to see
  • Toxic chemicals in smoke can be deadly in minutes
Close the Door Behind You
  • You may help keep the fire from spreading
  • You may protect your possessions from fire and smoke damage
If You Can’t Get Out, Get Someone’s ATTENTION
  • Yell and scream
  • Hang a sheet from the window
  • Stay low, there are less smoke and poisonous gases close to the floor

Fire Safety Brochure for Students

Page Updated 11.22.2017