Al's' 23-year-old son, Scott, was one of three UW-Stout students who died in an off-campus house fire on April 5, 2008, while they slept in separate upstairs bedrooms of a duplex at 1415 Eighth St. E. in Menomonie. The blaze was reported at 3:30 a.m.; within 23 minutes the three were pronounced dead at a local hospital ... Read More
Burning Building
Fire Alarm

Articles (PDF's):

“Dormitory Fires”
Discusses the findings related to a study on fires in dormitories on campuses across the nation. This article documents nominal values for property loss, injuries, causes for fires, and fatalities.

“Establishing and Relationship Between Alcohol and Casualties of Fire”
This study concludes a clear connection between alcohol consumption and fire fatalities.

Important safety tips on burning candles in your home.

Fire safety information for maintaining a safe environment for individuals who smoke. This information is also relevant for people hosting parties where guests may be coming who smoke.

“Building Fire Safety Features”
Information about the features your apartments and home should have, how they work, and how to maintain them properly.

“Fire Extinguishers”
This article contains information on the proper use of a fire extinguisher, what to do before a fire, what to do after a fire, and the maintenance of the equipment.


Off- Campus WWU
WWU Housing Site with Info for Moving Off Campus
This website is hosted by WWW-Bellingham Campus Community Coalition. It contains a wealth of information targeted specifically at Western students. They cover basic information for first time renters and tips for how to become a value added member in the Bellingham neighborhoods. Here you will also find information regarding personal safety, renter’s agreements, and information on how to get involved in your surrounding community.