WWU Avian Flu Information for Travelers

A number of countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa have reported outbreaks of avian influenza (avian flu) in their poultry and wild bird populations. Cases have been confirmed in people in several of those countries as well. The countries are identified on OSHA and CDC avian flu websites. When traveling to these affected countries, safeguards to protect faculty, staff, students and volunteers from illness should be taken before, during and after a trip. Travelers should observe the following:

Traveling Outside the United States - WWU policy on CDC compliance (see provision 4)

Pandemic Influenza Response Policy for WWU - Returning to campus (see provision 4)

OSHA Avian Flu Guidance for Employee Travelers - Before, during and after

CDC Avian Flu Information for Travelers

Page Updated 12.17.2013