Deans, Chairs, Directors, & other Supervisory Personnel

EHS understands that having a group of well trained quality employees is essential both for accomplishing the University’s mission and for reaching the goals you set in each of your areas. The cost of workers’ compensation claims is not limited to the premium paid to L&I. Losing an employee, even temporarily, to injury or illness can severely impact your operations. Productivity and morale can be affected and the costs of finding and training a replacement can be a drain on your resources.

EHS has many tools to support you in efforts to keep your employees safe and healthy at work. Please review the Preventing Injury section of this page. For a quick list of what can be done both before and after a work-related injury or illness to limit the effects of claims please check out our Top Ten Ways to Limit Claim Costs.

Frontline supervisors are the University’s biggest asset in prevention of work related injury and illness. Their awareness of the information available in the above sections gives them the tools to protect their employees. If you manage supervisory personnel please encourage them to review this information.

EHS would like to work with you to determine which of our services best meet your needs. Please contact us at (360) 650-3064 or at Together we can make this University a safer, healthier place to work.

Page Updated 11.22.2017