Winter 2014 Newsletter

Civil Rights Violations: Reporting Obligations and Resources

Western is committed to fostering a safe and harassment-free environment for all students and employees.Title IX Poster University employees must promptly report alleged harassment, bullying or discrimination based on any protected characteristic, including alleged sexual violence.  Any such allegations should be reported to the Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity and Employment Diversity and Title IX Coordinator, Sue Guenter-Schlesinger, or Laura Eckert, Deputy Title IX Coordinator (650-3307; OM 345).

Employees and students who experience discrimination or harassment, including sexual violence, in connection with their employment or educational or extracurricular Western programs have the right to file a discrimination complaint with the Equal Opportunity Office. Other reporting options include University Police and the Office of Student Life.

For support, employees with discrimination or harassment concerns may wish to utilize the Employee Assistance Program.  Employees who are survivors of sexual violence may wish to contact Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Services (DVSAS).  Resources for students included CASAS (Consultation and Sexual Assault Support Services), the Counseling Center and the Student Health Center. The EO Office’s webpage regarding Title IX, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault contains a full list of resources and reporting options.

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