Fall 2012

Willy Hart Honored with Diversity Achievement Award

Every year, President Shepard presents the Diversity Achievement Award to an individual or group whose distinguished efforts have enhanced diversity and multicultural understanding at Western.  This year at opening convocation, President Shepard presented the 2012 Diversity Achievement Award to Willy Hart, Director of University Residences, who will be retiring at the end of 2012.

The Award recognizes Willy’s many years of multifaceted leadership in University Residences to create a department-wide culture that appreciates the tremendous diversity within the department and the University, to the benefit of both University Residences employees and Western students.  Willy’s colleagues describe his work as “infusing knowledge and understanding about social justice, and actively leading the department to celebrate, honor and respect all voices and perspectives.”

Willy Hart presented 2012 Diversity Achievement Award by President Bruce Shepard and Provost Catherine Riordan

Photo: Dan Levine

Willy has made diversity competencies a priority for University Residences, providing multicultural awareness and social justice training for the entire department and including a diversity component in annual employee performance evaluations.  He created two multicultural recruitment counselor positions to enrich employees’ sensitivity to diversity issues and assist search committees in identifying and obtaining diverse applicant pools for job openings in University Residences.

Willy also created a mechanism to track at-risk students in on-campus housing, working with campus partners to ensure a complete assessment of students’ needs and collaborate in supporting these students.  And by providing departmental financial support for the Women of Color Empowerment Dinner, the Ethnic Student Center Retreat, and annual heritage dinners, Willy helps to make these important events accessible to all students.

Congratulations, Willy for being recognized with the Diversity Achievement Award, and thank you for your years of inclusive leadership at Western.

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