Recruitment & Hiring

Affirmative Action Executive Order 11246 requires Western to undertake proactive steps to achieve a diverse workforce when women and people of color are underutilized with respect to their availability in the labor force.  Federal law also requires proactive outreach to people with disabilities and veterans who may be interested in positions at Western.

Before the recruitment documents are finalized and the position is advertised, the EO Office conducts a search briefing for all search committee members.  Calling the EO Office to schedule this briefing as soon possible after the search committee is constituted expedites the approvals necessary to advertise the position.  At the search briefing, an EO Office staff member discusses nondiscrimination and affirmative action requirements relative to the particular search, offers suggestions regarding the recruitment documents as appropriate, reviews best practices, and answers questions. 


Best Practices: Recruiting & Retaining Faculty and Staff of Color

This document reviews good practices and strategies used at other higher education institutions that have effectively recruited and retained employees of color. It also reviews existing Western initiatives that could be enhanced to more effectively recruit and retain diverse faculty and staff.

Pre-Employment Inquiry Guide

Multiple laws prohibit asking candidates or their references about legally protected aspects of the applicant's identity. Download this guide as a refresher for people who will be interacting with job applicants.

Selected Resources for Western Washington University Employees

Western offers multiple resources for our diverse faculty and staff. Share this document, which highlights those resources, with all finalists or semi-finalists for open positions.

Recruitment Outreach Resources

Selected websites and publications to conduct targeted outreach to women and people of color for job openings.

Procedures and Forms

Descriptions of hiring procedures, and relevant e-forms, are located on the Human Resources website.

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