Summer 2017 Newsletter

Resources for Conducting Equitable and Inclusive Searches

Hiring Guide is a resource for search committees

Last summer, the Equal Opportunity Office released an updated version of Equity and Inclusion in Hiring: Best Practices for Faculty and Professional Staff Searches.”  The hiring guide provides important information regarding requirements and best practices related to conducting fair, equitable and inclusive searches. It is relevant for both hiring authorities and for individuals serving on search committees.  Hiring authorities are encouraged to refer to the guide before initiating a search to review information about:

  • Composing a search committee including individuals with diverse backgrounds, perspectives and areas of expertise;
  • Providing a charge to guide the search committee’s work;
  • Creating a job description that includes relevant position responsibilities and required qualifications related to equity and inclusion.

Trainings offered about equal opportunity and affirmative action in classified searches

In addition to providing the required search briefings for professional staff and tenure track faculty search committees, the EO Office now offers equal opportunity and affirmative action training for classified staff search committee members and hiring authorities. The training reviews affirmative action and equal opportunity laws and policies related to searches, explores how implicit biases can impact decisions in search processes, and discusses ways to limit impacts of implicit bias and conduct searches that are compliant and inclusive at every step.  Trainings for people who participate in classified staff hiring are not required, but are encouraged for individuals who have not recently participated in EO training for professional staff or faculty searches.  Employees can register for a training session by going to and then selecting “Equal Opportunity Office,” or by calling x3307.

Recruitment Tool:  Resources for Western Faculty & Staff
This electronic document describes on-campus resources for Western employees and can be shared with finalists before they come to campus for interviews. Search chairs are encouraged to invite all finalists to meet with a representative from any of these offices or groups if they would like to do so while they are at Western for their interview.

Prohibited interview questions
An updated list of prohibited topics in employment interviews incorporates clarifications in state regulations aimed at preventing discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.

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