Summer 2017 Newsletter

Fall is Approaching – What Trainings can the EO Office Provide for You?

The EO Office provides trainings and facilitated conversations on numerous topics related to equal opportunity, affirmative action, diversity and inclusion.  During Summer and Fall, the EO Office conducts many trainings for student, faculty and staff groups.  From trainings for Academic Student Advisors, the Associated Students, and Resident Advisors, to workshops with new faculty, administrative departments, and academic units, EO Office staff are excited to engage in conversations across campus.  Contact L.K. Langley, Manager of Equal Opportunity Programs, to explore training opportunities for your area. 

The following trainings are currently offered for general enrollment by going to and scrolling down to click on “Equal Opportunity Office.”


Many other trainings are available at the request of departments. Trainings provided include the following.

  • Managing Difficult Conversations about Social Identities, Privilege & Oppression

  • Understanding & Addressing Microaggressions

  • Title IX:  Rights & Responsibilities

  • Understanding and Addressing Implicit Biases

  • Fostering Inclusive Learning Environments for Transgender Students

  • Americans with Disabilities Act:  Rights & Responsibilities



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