Winter 2013

Temporary Procedure Implemented for Preferred First Name on Western Cards

Western Card Name Change Form

Recognizing the importance of providing transgender and genderqueer members of the Western community with respectful and accurate IDs reflecting their preferred first names, the Registrar’s Office, Western Card Office and EO Office worked together to implement a temporary procedure allowing students and employees to obtain a Western Card that uses a preferred first name instead of legal first name.  As the Temporary Procedure for First Name Changes on Western ID Cards states, enrolled students and employees wishing to use a preferred first name instead of legal name on their Western Card may make such a request to the University Registrar, David Brunnemer, or through the Equal Opportunity Office.

In December, the AS Board of Directors issued a Resolution calling on Western “to adopt policies that allow a student to change their gender-marker and update their preferred name without imposing financial or legal burdens upon the student.”  Also in December, the President’s Taskforce on Equity, Inclusion and Diversity recommended to President Shepard that Western facilitate the ability of students and employees to indicate a preferred first name and change their gender marker in university systems without first legally changing their name or gender marker.  President Shepard approved the Taskforce recommendation in January.  Western is implementing the Temporary Procedure for First Name Changes on Western ID Cards until a permanent process is in place for indicating a preferred first name for use more broadly in university systems.

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