Winter 2018 Newsletter

Sharing Information About Civil Rights, Reporting Options, and Support Resources Across Campus

In the Fall, the EO Office provided all university departments with new posters about civil rights on campus, updated yellow wallet cards regarding Title IX rights and resources, and purple wallet cards listing reporting options and resources in the event of discrimination motivated by racial or national origin bias. The EO Office also continues to share yellow posters about Title IX rights and resources. Departments are encouraged to display these posters and make copies of the wallet cards available to students, faculty and staff. For more copies of any of these resources, contact the EO Office at

As a reminder, university publications – including, event posters, brochures, magazines, newsletters, application forms, and job announcements – must contain clear notices of Western’s equal opportunity/non-discrimination obligations. Guidelines for Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Statements in University Publications describe the information that must be included. Offices generating publications are responsible for ensuring that their publications include the requirement statements.

You Belong Here. Discrimination Doesn't poster Title IX Resources and Reporting Options poster

Yellow Title IX resources wallet card Purple discrimination resources wallet card

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