Winter 2018 Newsletter

Faculty: Equal Opportunity and Inclusion Information for Your Syllabi and Beyond

Front page of Praxis Fall 2017Course syllabi can be one of many helpful vehicles for conveying expectations around equal opportunity and respect to students in your classes. The Fall 2017 issue of Praxis, published by the Office of the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education, contains sample syllabi language related to topics including reasonable accommodations, commitment to learning environments free of discrimination and harassment, resources for survivors of sexual violence, and gender neutral restroom locations. And this webpage of syllabi policies for students, created by Western’s Center for Instructional Innovation & Assessment, is a helpful link to provide to students from your electronic syllabi.

Beyond setting expectations and sharing resources in your syllabi, the Inclusive Teaching Toolkit provided by the Center for Instructional Innovation & Assessment is rich with resources about creating an inclusive atmosphere in the classroom.

Page Updated 03.05.2018