Motions (from minutes) passed by the Faculty Senate 2017-18

Allison Giffen, Senate President





Follow-Up Action

Election of At-Large Position

A motion (forwarded by Craig Dunn and seconded) to nominate Jason Kanov to the At-Large position on the Senate Executive Council passed. Kanov was elected unanimously.

UPRC Chair Appointment

A motion forwarded from the Senate Executive Council to appoint Jeff Newcomer to the position of UPRC Chair through spring 2019 and to appoint the 2015-17 UPRC Chair John Bower to serve as interim chair of UPRC during fall quarter 2017 passed unanimously.

Senate Substitute and Representation on ACC

A motion (forwarded by Kristin Denham and seconded) to appoint Brian Bowe as a substitute for Sheila Webb on the Faculty Senate and to appoint Webb to the Academic Coordinating Commission as a representative of the Senate passed unanimously.

Appointments and Elections to Standing Committees

John Lund, Appointments and Elections Officer, presented nominations to Senate standing committees and University committees. Senators voted unanimously to confirm all appointments to Senate standing committees:

To Academic Coordinating Commission (ACC):
            At-Large (Chair): Seán Murphy, Liberal Studies -- 2017-18 term
            Area D, CFPA: Brittany Schade, Design
            Area E, CBE: Phil Thompson, Economics
            Area H, Woodring: Tracy Thorndike, Special Education
            Senator : Aaron Perzigian, Special Education

To Academic Technology Committee (ATC):
            Area A, CSE: Robin Kodner, Biology
            Area H, Woodring: Paula Dagnon, Elementary Education
                                               Fall Quarter Replacement: Don Burgess, SMATE
           Area I, Libraries: Casey Mullin, Libraries

To Senate Extended Education Committee (SEEC):
            Area H, Woodring: Keith Hyatt, Special Education
            IEP/Language & Culture Rep: Peter Sakura, Extended Education

To Senate Library Committee (SLC):
            Area A, CSE: Richard Gardner, Mathematics
            Area B/C, CHSS: Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre, Communication Studies
            Area D, CFPA: Monique Kerman, Art & Art History
            Area G, Huxley: Brooke Love, Environmental Sciences -- 2017-18 term
            Area I, Libraries: Jeff Purdue, Libraries
            Senator: Joan Stevenson, Anthropology

To Social Justice and Equity Committee (SJEC):
            At-Large (Area A): Kevin Covey, Physics & Astronomy
            At-Large (Area C): Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre, Communication Studies
            At-Large (Area D): Lucas Senger, Art & Art History
            At-Large (Area F): Amdrew Brown, Fairhaven
            At-Large (Area G): Nabil Kamel, Environmental Studies
            At-Large (Area H): Trula Nicholas, Health & Community Studies
            At-Large (Area H): Francisco Rios, Secondary Education

To University Planning and Resource Council (UPRC):
            Area A, CSE: Andy Klein, Engineering & Design -- Fall 2017
            Area F, Fairhaven: John Bower, Fairhaven
            Area I, Libraries: Elizabeth Stephan, Libraries
            Senator: McNeel Jantzen, Psychology -- 2017-18 term

To Sustainable Action Fund Committee:
            At-Large: Jasmine Goodnow, Health & Human Development

To Student Publications Council:
            At-Large: Carolyn Nielsen, Journalism
            At-Large: Sheila Webb, Journalism

Policy on Credit Hours (from ACC)

A motion to accept Academic Coordinating Commission (ACC) minutes of 23 May 2017 (forwarded by Craig Dunn and seconded) passed unanimously, This included the new Policy on Credit Hours which will take effect immediately.