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AAUP: The American Association of University Professors is engaged in developing standards for sound academic practice and has long been viewed as the authoritative voice of the academic profession in this regard.  AAUP publishes its Policy Documents and Reports (currently in its 9th edition), including its 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure with interpretive comments, a copy of which can be obtained from the Senate Office, OM350, MS9020.

Brochure on Shared Governance: The Senate brochure describes the role of the Senate and its Standing Committees in the shared governance of the University.

COMMITTEE ON UNDERGRADUATE EDUCATION (CUE): CUE is a standing committee of the ACC and its link can be found on the lower half of the ACC hompage.

OUTLOOK E-mail Constituent Groups: Each Senator has a group of constituents he or she represents: Senate Constituent Groups 2014-15

FAQs: This FAQ answers questions about Faculty Service on Committees: Committee Appointment Processes

FAQs: This FAQ answers questions about Faculty Senate processes: Faculty Senate processes.

Motions: The Motion Log contains motions passed by the Faculty Senate, the Academic Coordinating Commission (ACC), and the University Planning and Resources Council (UPRC). Please scroll down the entire document to see the motion logs from several years back.

Past Presidents of the Faculty Senate: Click here to see the list of Past Presidents of the Faculty Senate

University Policy and Procedures. Click here to see the University Policy docket and any policies in the 30-day review period.


XX_Faculty Club. Application for membership e-sign form.

XX_Legislative activity: This link takes you to the home of the Washington State Legislature where you can search for and track activity on current bills. Several groups work to ensure that higher education is a priority in Washington State. Among these are Western Advocates, a coalition of WWU alumni, students, faculty and concerned citizens. Another useful site is FYI-PAC.

XX Report, Lois Haignere: Compression Presentation (10/2006) by Lois Haignere



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