Minutes of June 3, 2010 CUE Meeting

Approval: CUE 9/30/10


Members present: Kathleen Kennedy, Tracy Thorndike-Christ, Sylvia Tag, Steven VanderStaay, Elsi Vassdal Ellis, Carmen Werder.  Guest: Linda Luke.  (No quorum, so no actions taken).



1.      Steve Vanderstay distributed “A Timeline for Future Activities”


Under Fall, 2010:

Second bullet > Review the GUR structure

CUE will begin to talk about innovative/creative ways to restructure the GURs, possibly through themes (such as sustainability) and block scheduling; see how much faculty energy there is to restructuring of GURs


Third bullet > Publish an issue of “Dialogue” about clarifying the value of liberal education

            “Dialogue” is the campus assessment newsletter

            Should have an actual dialogue about general/liberal education

            Also can do this during Summerstart

Carmen Werder suggested taking advantage of Viking Village with discussion in “student talk” working with students involved in TLA + civil discourse course taught by Carmen

            Emphasize that the liberal arts prepare stud4nts for jobs that do not exist today


            Also, need to discuss the language issues of “liberal” today; must address need for translation effort/taking control of the language rather than giving up the traditional language. Need to better communicate liberal education as a national language, especially work with the Admissions office to develop language about “liberal arts” as they introduce prospective students and family to Western


            We must show improvement in improving the GURs with data. We don’t have the data yet but will have some next year. Use “Dialogue” to get faculty involved in closing the loop. Use “Viking Village” to close gap with students.


Also Fall should discuss the role of writing as GUR/graduation requirement.


2.      Next year make sure pilot assessment of rubrics projects are organized and implemented.


Kennedy will pilot a rubric; she will draft email to see if other faculty might be willing to participate in pilot of assessment. Could contact Faculty GUR group through Steven regarding possible participation in rubric assessment – to test rubric on one existing assignment.


Perhaps 5 to 6 faculty would be adequate. Could work with Tracy Thorndike on sampling.


The Teaching Writing Interest Group could test first rubric.


The question was raised re: how much tweaking could be done to a rubric to fit a course/assignment. Thorndike suggested the rubrics should be tested as-is with faculty reporting also on problem areas of the rubric, to determine what is and is not working. Too much tweaking gets away from core competencies assessment vs. discipline specific assessment.


3.      CUE should have a half-day “retreat” after September 15, 2010 to begin work for next year.

a.       Ask Wendy to help schedule it

b.      Talk about leadership model

c.       Begin with timeline for Fall 2010 to divide up work, identify approach to take for the year [ask Steve for lunch]


Possible Agenda for “retreat”

a.       Nail down RUBRICS pilot [who is participating]

b.      Creatively think about the GUR Structure [meet with assessment coordinator]

c.       Look at the part of CUE charge relating to writing committees and committee’s responsibility; need to clarify the group that talks about writing proficiency

d.      FIG program and assessing it

e.       FYE: what is happening with it



Minutes recorded by Elsi Vassdal Ellis.