Index of Topics 10/11/2006

ADD/DROP – committee appointed

Academic Dishonesty Panel – committee appointed

        Approved  10/24/06 – to Faculty Senate 10/30/06       

Proposal for Center for International Studies – discussion


Ed Certification; Alpha Suffices; NEW ONLINE FORMS





Regular Meeting  --  October 10, 2006


Chair Jim Hearne called the first Fall quarter meeting of the Academic Coordinating Commission to order on October 10, 2006, in OM340 at 4:01 p.m. once a quorum was present, and welcomed new members.  There were sixteen (16) members present, and two (2) others for a total of  eighteen.  (18). (See attached roster). 

Approval of ACC minutes

Commissioners approved the minutes of May 23rd with one minor spelling correction.

Report from the Chair

Chair Hearne reviewed the charge of the Academic Coordinating Commission and its standing committees using a power point presentation.  Hearne emphasized ACC’s role which is to guard the consistency and integrity of the catalog, and to uphold and care for academic standards.  Hearne pointed out that what ACC does is very consequential, and that if we do not pay attention we can create havoc in the system.

Hearne and Commissioners reviewed several relevant topics:

ADD/DROP Committee:  Provost Bodman reported that the Community colleges are in the process of standardizing some of their course numbering systems, particularly in the sciences, and that this may affect us.  We will be receiving some pressure on the subject as the year continues.

Hearne reviewed the membership of the Ad Hoc Committee impaneled to review the ADD/DROP policies, which include Provost Bodman, Chair Hearne, student Lauren Balisky, James Sanders, and Registrar St. Hilaire, along with a recorder.  Among the suggestions is one to shorten the drop time and add a day to the add time, so that the spots vacated can be filled in that one additional day.

Academic Dishonesty policy.

§    Referring to Appendix F of the Bulletin, on page 372, Hearne reminded Commissioners that at present when a student breaches academic honesty, the process of proving it turns into a grievance against the faculty member filing the complaint.

§    Hearne pointed out that the real issue is the dishonesty of the student, and several commissioners agreed that it was worth considering an academic honesty panel administered by students with one or two faculty overseers.  The real question that ought to be answered is “Was an act of academic dishonesty committed?” and “Is the sanction appropriate?” 

§    Hearne suggested that a panel separate from the current Student Academic Grievance Board perhaps ought to be empowered to investigate these complaints.









ACC Action


College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Motions re courses; Curriculum Council charge revised.



Honors Program


Moving to College Hall



International Programs Advisory Committee



Provost’ proposal on Ctr for International Studies discussed;

Motions re:  Co-sponsorship

Motions re:  IPAC CHAIR; Scholarship recipients

Accepted.  See discussion to follow


Teacher Curricula & Certification Council


Motions re:  Course cancellations and revisions













5/3/06 IPAC Minutes:  Proposal to Create a Center for International Studies

§    Commissioners asked if a faculty line would be used for the directorship.  Bodman responded that this would be a half or 2/3 administrative position, but would remain a tenured faculty appointment within a college. 

§    None of the current directors of the programs considered for inclusion in the proposed center have a home within their center.  All have tenured positions in colleges.  This would continue, and funding would come out of the academic budget, and would be achieved through consolidation of current staff, centralizing resources, and organizing the reportage structure to facilitate continuation and expansion of the program.

§    The proposal came originally from Provost Bodman, and included global and cultural studies, East Asian, Canadian American, Latin American, American Cultural Studies, and Women’s studies.  The proposal was reviewed in the IPAC committee, and then came to ACC last spring.  It was approved tentatively, anticipating that further discussion might occur, and indeed the latter two Studies opted out of the original proposal.  East Asian studies is still considering its options.  University Planning Council reviewed the proposal and the proposal is expected to be discussed Monday October 16th at the Faculty Senate.  Directors of the programs have been invited, and the meeting is open.

§    The Provost added that current resources will remain with the colleges.  He is attempting to implement the strategic plan.  Bodman commented that we are not well organized with regard to our international studies, and this is an attempt to move us forward.

§    Commissioners learned that IPAC (International Programs Advisory Council) had brought the directors together and attempted to form a consensus.  The problem has been to coordinate all these programs with all the different directors and deans.  This is a culmination of a long process to create a truly systematic international presence at Western.  Bodman added that the new proposal allows for the development of further programs:  a Middle Eastern program, for example, or African studies.  Regarding curricular matters, Bodman thinks there will be some sort of “International Curriculum Council” that will bring forward programs approved from the colleges.

§    One Commissioner found the provost’s initiative exciting and applauded him for finalizing the language of the strategic plan emphasizing the importance of studying diverse and different cultures.  This is not to be confused with the International Studies and Exchanges, which helps Western students study abroad.


5/30/06 TCCC Minutes:

Education Certification

One Commissioner was concerned about accepting minutes with course numbers that included suffices  --  no longer permitted by ACC (with certain exceptions).  The minutes were approved because they were dated last year. 


Another Commissioner questioned the movement in elementary education to create a B.A. that does not include certification in any area.  Teachers must continue schooling to acquire the necessary certification, be it in elementary, secondary, preschool, etc.  Someone with a BS in science such as Physics could end up with no pedagogy for teaching and someone could get a BA in Education without being certified to teach.   Woodring Commissioners noted this is unusual as the vast majority of students take the additional certification program.  Otherwise Woodring would end up with a 200-credit degree.   The certification process enables us to have a B.A., and then offer the certification program later. 


One Commissioner pointed out that this makes Woodring on the cutting edge, and thanked Dean Salzman.  Teachers are educated best when they can focus on the intellectual content for four years, and then in the 5th year get the pedagogy. 



Changing Alpha-Suffices

Commissioners learned that the Online Forms have all been posted to the web by the new catalog coordinator, Lisa Zuzarte, with the help of retiring catalog coordinator, Karen Perry.  They include boxes for old catalog blurb and new catalog content, and can use strike-through and underline.

Concern was expressed that changing the alpha suffices may lead some to change the course content.  Chair Hearne concluded that we will tell committees that any change in course content will have to be reapproved by ACC.  Numbers can change, in the process of aligning alpha-suffices, but not the content.


Everyone has to use the new course forms currently linked to the web page of the Registrar as well as the ACC website.  ACC encourages the powers that be, that if all that is changing is a SUFFIX there is no reason for faculty on all these review committees to get involved in reapproving.

Note that not only is the SUFFIX dropped, but in some cases, for example, 421 A, B and C will have to have new titles.  This is a big requirement with a lot of shuffling.

The College Curricular committees are asked to get this underway and approved as necessary and well before the catalog deadline of March 1st.   ACC would like a report of what changes are made in the process, and would like a final report by the end of Winter.


Appointments to ACC Standing Committees:
Commissioners appointed the following:

ü      As ACC representative to the University Planning Council:  Christian Opfer, Student representative to ACC, Student Senate 

ü      To the Assessment Committee:   Deborah Currier, Theater Arts, Brian Burton, CBE ; Joanne Carney, Teacher Ed DIV

ü      To the General Education Requirements Committee:  Lorraine Brilla, PEHR; Emily Borda, Chemistry; Maria Paredes-Mendez, Modern & Classical Lang; David Gilbertson, Accg; Bridget Kelley, Teacher Ed DIV; James Inverarity, Sociology;  Norm Lindquist, Math

ü      To the Graduate Council: A vote was held between two candidates, and  Don Alper, CanAm Studies, was elected.  Then, the following faculty were appointed to replacing Gigi Berardi:  Tom Terich, Fall Qtr; D. Mookherjee, Wtr Qtr, Michael Medler, Spr Qtr

ü      With the exception of  Student Reps, ACC approved the faculty roster to Teacher Curricula and Certification Council.



GER Committee:   one representative, Huxley College, and one representative, College of Fine & Performing Arts




Impaneling Academic Dishonesty Panel

The following members with appointed to an Academic Dishonesty Panel: 

Michael Meehan, Leonard Helfgott, James Sanders, Christian Opfer, and a recorder.



Commissioners adjourned at 5:26 pm.

Rose Marie Norton-Nader, Recorder, May 23, 2006






Membership (term ending 2007)



Chair – James Hearne 2006-2007



A -  James Hearne, Computer Science, Chair



Vice Chair – Roger Thompson



A -  Jim Stewart, Senator, Physics Astronomy






D – *Grant Donnellan, Music, ( NElig)






E -- George Zhang, Decision Science, CBE



Bodman, Andrew (Provost)



G – Patrick Buckley, Huxley (Fall Qtr for David Wallin)



Lisa Zuzarte (Catalog Coordinator)



H – Shelby Sheppard, Woodring (Fall Qtr for Marsha







Membership (term ending 2008)



Registrar, Recorder, Guests



A –  Michael Meehan, Senator, Computer Science



Joe St. Hilaire, Registrar



B –*Linda Kimball rep to GER (Dan Boxberger sitting in)



Rose Marie Norton-Nader, Recorder



C -  Leonard Helfgott, History



Troy Ragsdale, Classroom Scheduling



C -  Roger Thompson, Senator, History



Karen Perry, former Catalog Coord.



F -  Stan Tag, Fairhaven






I –  Stefanie Buck, Library, rep to EESP






S -  James Sanders, ASVP-Academics, 2006-2007






S -  Christian Opfer, 2006-07, rep to UPC



Members Present



S -  Nate Warren, 2006-07



Registrar, Recorder, Guest Present



S-   *Lauren Balisky, 2006-07



TOTAL PRESENT October 10, 2006



      *Not Eligible for Re-election (served 4 yrs)












Members (18)






12 faculty (2yr terms) rep each area.  Provost, Catalog Coordinator (ex officio)  4 students (1 ASVP), 2 faculty Senators.  ACC reps:  to UPC, to GUR, to SenLegislCte.    Guests: Registrar, Recorder