Index of Topics 2/19/08

       Approved 3/4/2008; to Faculty Senate 3/10/08

Raza Latina minor accepted – Motion


Curricular minutes approved


Spring Quarter Agendas discussed





Regular Meeting  --  February 19, 2008


Chair James Hearne called the meeting of the 2007-2008 Academic Coordinating Commission to order at 4:05 pm on

Tuesday, February 19, 2008.   There were twelve (12) members present and twenty-one (21) others for a total of  thirty-three (33).  Chair Hearne welcomed fourteen guests, students of Larry Estrada, American Cultural Studies, who were present for discussion of the Raza Latina minor.


Approval of ACC minutes

Members approved minutes of February 5, 2008 as written.


Reading of Curricular Minutes (Exhibit B)

Teacher Curricula & Certification Council – 1/15/08  - Approved previously.

§    TCCC minutes were previously approved with the exception of the six combined majors (affected by the wording of the prerequisites regarding history courses (mentioned in the TCCC minutes of 1/15/08 and in the ACC minutes of February 5th).  The six combined majors include the following:  Geography/Social Studies, History/Social Studies, Anthropology/Social Studies, Economics/Social Studies, Political Science/Social Studies, Sociology/Social Studies.  Commissioners had sought clarification through conversation with Woodring as to whether the intent of the State mandate can be broadened to include a descriptive wording such as “societies in the ancient period” for example, because it appears that inadvertently students can complete the history requirements without a course in non-Western histories.

§    Kathy Knutzen reported that the actual Social Studies major will be evaluated by History this spring and History will be bringing some suggestions forward for catalog next year.  History is constructing a suggested list of courses that will be used for Advising, until the permanent list is incorporated into the catalog next year.

§    Leonard Helfgott reported that the topic is on the History Department agenda for next week.  One question that might be asked is, “Who defines history?” Some definitions may have been constructed by non-historians.  The Faculty in Western’s History Department want to ensure that any definition of Ancient history includes African, Chinese, Pre-Columbian, Latin American, etc.   

Commissioners moved to approve the combined majors.



Larry Estrada, American Cultural Studies, was present with students from Fairhaven College to answer questions about the proposed Raza Latina Minor. 

41.        Fairhaven College, 1-28-08 – ACCEPTED.  Raza Latina Minor approved.

Commissioners reviewed requirements for a new minor entitled Raza Latina as part of American Cultural Studies.  Commissioners expressed interest in the title of the minor.  Estrada explained the approval process whereby the minor had arrived at ACC.  Commissioners asked about other programs that incorporate Spanish titles.  Estrada noted that much of this material was relegated to Chicano but the title is inclusive of the large Diaspora of peoples from Central, South America as well as Mexico.  The title allows building on all the populations from Latin America that have emigrated to U.S.  There is a trend in the country to use this name, and if you type Raza Latina into Google for example you get “Latin Race.”  Leonard Helfgott explained that the History Department is also in the process of hiring a new Latin American historian, who will no doubt relate to this program minor. 

A motion, by Marie Eaton, seconded by Chelsea Fletcher, was made to accept the minor which passed unanimously.

On another note: Fairhaven 414b is the same as HIST364. 


38.    College of Business and Economics, 1-24-08 - ACCEPTED

Econ 140 is co-listed as Bio140.  Commissioners suggested changing the catalog description to read:  “Focus on the causes of salmon decline: habitat”, etc.

39.    College of Fine and Performing Arts, 2-1-08 - ACCEPTED

Commissioners suggested adding the following wording to THTR371 and 471:  “and repeatable up to 6 credits.”


40.    College of Sciences and Technology, 2/11/08 – ACCEPTED

CSCI 490 was withdrawn.  Commissioners learned that since this is an exam and a zero credit requirement, it can be created in Banner as an “attribute”.  The department will notify CAPP (Linda Luke who encodes for CAPP was present) when a student qualifies.  Kathleen Kitto requested that David Bover forward her a note regarding this change.  The examination will be mentioned as an exit requirement in the Catalog (Commissioner noted a similar reference under PE).  Student attributes are part of the data warehouse and can be queried.


42.    a.  Graduate Council                  1-22-08 - ACCEPTED


42      b.  Graduate Council                 2-5-08 - ACCEPTED           


43.    International Programs Advisory Committee, 1-28-08 - ACCEPTED

CoSponsorship-Worldlink Academy of German. Tokyo program.


44.    Teacher Curricula andCertification Council 1-29-08 - ACCEPTED

From CFPA:  SciEd; SpecialEd; ElemEd -Accepted.  Title of DNC434 is “Dance Arts in Education”


45.    Wilson Library Curriculum Cte  2-4-08ACCEPTED

Commissioners edited text to read “Not open to freshman”.  “Introduces students”…etc, …. “and selecting and incorporating material from sources into writing.”


46     a.  Woodring Curriculum Council, 11-30-07 – ACCEPTED

Chair Hearne mentioned that he is waitng for confirmation and further information on TESOL Bilingual minor


46     b.  Woodring             12-10-08 - ACCEPTED


46     c.  Woodring             1-25-08 - ACCEPTED


47.    a.  Huxley College, Minutes Part II, 10-09-07 - ACCEPTED

Combined majors were accepted, but there is still some discussion requested with Journalism and Economics.  Catalog coordinator continues to work with Huxley departments on small changes throughout their courses, and to calculate the effect of changes on the total number of credits.


47.    b.  Huxley                 10-26-07- ACCEPTED.

EGEO332.  Confirm prerequisite with Geology. 

ESTU435, 453, 454 were withdrawn since they are already offered as ESTU437 International Studies courses for the summer.


47.    c. and d.  Huxley      10-30 & 11-13/07ACCEPTED.


Spring Quarter Agendas

§    Commissioners reviewed topics suggested by Commissioners and faculty.  A few topics that may be considered in more detail include reasons why so many prerequisites exist, and retention standards for majors and minors.  Commissioners acknowledged that in some cases there are not enough faculty so there must be a restriction on the numbers of students accepted into the major; commissioners added there is need for clearer proof of what makes success upon graduation when unusually high standards prevent students from entering a major or minor.

§    Lisa Zuzarte will also prepare requests for discussion, one of which will include an agreed upon approval routing process that includes TCCC and Woodring.  Zuzarte also mentioned that some College Curricular committees indicate that the Graduate Council has seen the Graduate courses, while others do not; and noted that the procedure is difficulty to locate.  In some cases graduate courses might not be available in the graduate major, but the process for taking appropriate graduate course seminars in related departments is not always clear.

§    Chair Hearne will bring a more fleshed-out list of topics to the next meeting.



Commissioners were pleased to have met the catalog deadline in reviewing extensive sets of minutes, and adjourned at 5:17 pm.

Rose Marie Norton-Nader, Recorder, February 19, 2008





Membership (term ending 2009)



Chair – James Hearne 2007-2008



A -  James Hearne, Computer Science, Chair (4 yr)



Vice Chair – Roger Thompson



A - Roger Anderson, Biology (SENATOR) rep to UPC






D – Mark Kuntz, Theater






E – Yvonne Durham, Economics, CBE



Dennis Murphy, Provost, nv  (K Bulcroft)    



G – Robin Matthews, Huxley



Lisa Zuzarte (Catalog Coordinator) voting



H –Marsha Riddle-Buly,  Woodring,






Membership (term ending 2008)



Registrar, Recorder, Guests



A –  Michael Meehan, Computer Science



Joe St. Hilaire, Registrar



B – Dan Boxberger, Anthro; rep to GER



Rose Marie Norton-Nader, Recorder



C -  Leonard Helfgott, History



Kathy Kitto, Assoc Dean, CST



C – Roger Thompson, History



Kathy Knutzen, Assoc Dean, CHSS



F -  Marie Eaton, Fairhaven






I –  Stefanie Buck, Library, rep to EESP



Larry Estrada, AmCulturalStudie (w/class of 14[1])



S -  Annie Jansen, ASVP-Academics, 2007-2008




Andrew Bach, Huxley College

Linda Luke, CAPP, Registrar’s Office




S -  Chelsea Fletcher, ASVP,  2007-2008






S -  Kristina Mader, ASVP,



Members Present



S-   Aaron Hayman



Registrar, Recorder, Guests Present






TOTAL PRESENT  February 19, 2008



Members (18)






12 faculty (2yr terms) representing each area with 2 as Senators.  6 more members include:  Provost (nv), Catalog Coordinator (ex officio) and 4 students (1 ASVP).  ACC sends reps:  to UPC and to GER Cte.  Registrar & Recorder are permanent guests














[1] The following students were present at ACC for the presentation on the Reza Latina minor:  Andrea Tafoya, Cecily Hazelrigg-Hernandez, Laura Bohorquez, Alina Resaro, Mirella Suarez, Susana Reyes, Riedman Sagastume, Lourdes Hernandez, Jocelyn Hernandez, Angel G. Martine Jimene, BroAnna S. Jones, Abraham Rodriguez-Hernandez, Micah Bockstruck, Ana Parada.