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Seating of 2012-13 ACC
Election of Chair (Durham) and VChair (Kuntz)
Appointments to ACC Standing Committees
Reports from ACC Standing Committees
New Teaching HandbookPresentation J. Brown
2012-13 Meeting Calendar approved
Student Academic Grievance – Panel text forwarded
Motion and Draft motions re Registration

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For Approval 10/9/2012
To Faculty Senate 10/15/2012



Meeting of May 22, 2012

CALL TO ORDER.   Chair Roger Anderson called the meeting of the 2011-12 Academic Coordinating Commission to order at 4:06 pm.  There were twenty-three (23) persons present.  See attached roster.

APPROVAL OF MINUTESThe ACC Minutes of 5/8/2012 were approved as written.

Welcome and Seating of 2012-2013 ACC and Election of Chair and Vice Chair.

2012-2013.  Yvonne Durham, Economics, elected ACC Chair; Mark Kuntz, Theatre&Dance elected Vice Chair

International Programs Advisory Committee:  An election was held and the following faculty were appointed:
Mart Stewart, History; Kacey Morrow, Art
Honors Board (2012-2014):  Bertil Van Boer, Music; Patrick Buckley, Environmental Sciences
Graduate Council (2012-2014):  Kristi Lemm, Psychology; Ron Singleton, Accounting; Robert Mitchell, Geology
Recruitment, Admissions, Support Committee (2012-2014):  Diana Gruman, Psychology; Gerry Prody, Chemistry; Ying Li, PEHR; Brandon Dupont, Economics; Chris Sandvig, Decision Sciences

Reports: ACC voted to accept the following Reports from its Standing Committees:
Committee on Undergraduate Education AY 2011-2012
Matthew Miller, Carmen Werder, Co-chairs
In 2011-2012, CUE was engaged in articulating and enacting key needs and initiatives to support our charge to support and improve the general education program at WWU. These activities accompanied the rigorous and regular course revision and approval process for the 2012-2013 academic year. The following is a bulleted summary of the articulated needs and key initiatives during the past year.
CUE’s Summary of Needs and Key Initiatives

Related Initiatives
Teaching-Learning Academy’s 2011-12 study of the liberal arts at WWU


Graduate Council
Michael Barr, Assistant to the Dean, Kathleen Kitto

Honors Board, 2011-2012
George Mariz, Chair
The Honors Board dealt with several significant issues this year, both curricular and non-curricular.  Among the latter were the implementation of a new long-range plan, which is now nearly completed, and preparation for a program review (The review occurred May 14 and 15, and the resulting report should arrive on campus by mid-June).  As part of its normal curricular functions, the board solicited and then selected Honors seminars for the 2012-2013 academic year, and before the year closes it will begin to talk about further refinement of the program’s second-year colloquia.

Scholastic Standing Committee, a committee appointed by RASC, AY 2012-14
June Sager, Administrative Assistant
Academic and Career Development Services
(Academic Advising Center, Career Services Center, and Tutoring Center)
In the past year beginning July 2011 through April 2012, the Scholastic Standing Committee has reviewed 134 petitions for reinstatement.  Out of those, 88 were reinstated (66%) and 46 (34%) were denied.  Over this same time period, 15 (11%) of the 134 petitions qualified for guaranteed reinstatement (4 classes, 15 credits, 3.3 GPA since dismissal).  A general email is sent to all the members to find out availability.  Once there is a meeting when the majority can come, they all meet as a group.  Each petition file must be reviewed by two members.  A third member might be needed if one says deny and the other says reinstate.  Generally the meetings are scheduled for two hours, however, depending on the numbers of petitions, they might finish sooner.

International Programs Advisory Committee 2012
Seth Feinberg, Chair
During the academic year 2011-2012, IPAC met on numerous occasions to assess the logistical considerations for 17 faculty-led programs to be offered to WWU students during summer and the 2012-2013 academic year.  Of these applications, 10 were continuing programs that have been offered by WWU faculty in the past, and seven were new programs to China, India, Italy, Peru, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania.  These reviews included a detailed assessment of the travel itineraries, costs, and health/safety considerations, and involved faculty presentations on numerous occasions to explain their programs for the full committee.  IPAC also reviewed and recommended a co-sponsored approval for a student to take coursework in Germany.
The second major function of our committee this year was the awarding of $4,579 in scholarships (Helen Hostetter International Study Endowment, William H. Bryant Memorial Scholarship and James Joseph Ryan Scholarship for International Studies) to four worthy students studying abroad next year.
--end reports

Presentation of the new Teaching Handbook
Justina Brown, Instructional & Multimedia Designer



CC Committee


Topics and Team Review



Huxley College Curriculum Committee


ACCEPTED.  Environmental Policy (extension).  These are updated minutes.

D Knutson


International Programs Advisory Committee


ACCEPTED.  Humboldt-Universitat

K. Mantello


Teacher Curricular & Certification Council


ACCEPTED.  Eileen Hughes and Joanne Carney were present to explain the Early Childhood revised P-3 options, which include Early Childhood P-3 and ElemEd option, and a noncertification option which now offer students increased job potential because of dual endorsement opportunities.  These will be available 2013-14 along with Psychology BAE Human Development Elementary. 

Approvals for 2012-13 include Econ/Social Studies BA; Earth Science, Secondary, BAE; Earth Science/Gen Science, Secondary BAE, and SCED481. 



Committee on Undergrad Education (CUE)


ACCEPTED.  CSD497h approved; Discussion on course forms; Viking Landing; Walvoord debrief; open discussion on CUE’s role; plans

Steve VanderStaay familiarized ACC with Walvoord’s recommendations on simple and pragmatic assessment plans done within departments.  Taking action is important with so much data already available, and there are strong arguments for and against concentrating on the need to improve writing.  Ethics is also under discussion.

So then the question is where can Ethics courses be added to the liberal arts and sciences core without adding more to the GURs; one consideration is a breakdown of courses similar to the WP requirement.  Sheila Webb reported that the Ethics initiative group met last week, and is considering five options, which will eventually come to ACC and CUE.  Ethics is already taught in many departments.


APPROVED:  2012-2013 ACC Calendar of Meetings (with curricular deadlines) (moved by Mark Kuntz, second by Victor Celis). (calendar at end of this Digest)
APPROVEDStudent Academic Grievance - Panel (revised as in Academic Honesty Policy) - Motion to forward the Panel portion to the Senate Executive Council  (does not imply approval by ACC) (moved by Tracy Thorndike-Christ, second by Janice Lapsansky).

MOTION RE REGISTRATION (with draft motions (unapproved) for inclusion in the record)
ACC directed David Brunnemer, Registrar,  to explore, collect more information and report on possible options that can be pursued relating to the following motions that came under discussion and which will be followed up by ACC next year (moved by Mark Kuntz, second by Yvonne Durham, passed).  Explanation:  Discussion items came forward as draft motions related to Grades for repeated courses – Registration, Phase II; and registration reorganization related to student access to registration -- all listed as follows: 

MOTION 1A: If a student retakes a course one or more times in which no credit had been received (i.e., a non-passing grade of D, F, or U for a required course or grade of F or U for a non-required course), then all  grades shall remain on the transcript but only the last non-passing grade will be included with each passing grade in the GPA calculation.

MOTION 1B: If a student retakes a course one or more times in which no credit had been received (i.e., a non-passing grade of D, F, or U for a required course or grade of F or U for a non-required course), then only the last non-passing grade shall remain on the transcript along with each passing grade, and only the last non-passing grade will be included with each passing grade in the GPA calculation.

MOTION 1C: If a student retakes a course one or more times in which no credit had been received (i.e., a non-passing grade of D, F, or U for a required course or grade of F or U for a non-required course), then although all grades shall remain on the transcript for internal, within university use, only the passing grade is included in the GPA calculation and no non-passing grades will be included in the transcript for external use.

MOTION 1D: If a student retakes a course one or more times in which no credit had been received (i.e., a non-passing grade of D, F, or U for a required course or grade of F or U for a non-required course), then only passing grade will be on the transcript and will be included in the GPA calculation.


MOTION 2: After a student has successfully completed a course for which a K had been originally entered as a grade, the K will be removed and will not be a prefix to the course grade.

MOTION 3: In the case of a student’s first documented Academic Honesty Infraction, wherein a grade indicating no credit had been received (i.e., a non-passing grade of F or U) as a direct penalty for the Infraction, the non-passing grade will remain on the transcript and will be averaged into the GPA, but reference to Academic Honesty shall not be reported on the transcript.


Then the following motion is presented to ACC:  MotionBeginning in the 2013-14 Academic Year and in academic years thereafter, Phase I Registration at Western Washington University will comprise some form of alphabetical sequence in the timing of student access to registration, but will no longer use the number of credits completed sequence in the timing of student access to registration. 
It is ACC’s intention that these draft motions be embedded in the record for future reference.


Outgoing ACC Chair Roger Anderson then thanked the members, particularly ASVP Fabiola Arvizu who contributed a great deal as part of the ACC Executive.  Anderson added “we could not function without the great attentiveness, collaboration, wisdom and knowledge of Rose Marie Norton-Nader” (Senate Admin Assistant, and recorder).  Norton-Nader thanked the students on whom she depends to help prepare materials for ACC, especially Zachary Sisco, Maya Price, Bethany Brewster and Chelsea Dixon.

Members approved the 2012-2013 Meeting calendar.

Academic Coordinating Commission
2012-2013 Meeting Schedule

Fall Quarter 2012

Winter Quarter 2013

Spring Quarter 2013

Tuesday at 4 p.m. in OM340

Tuesday at 4 p.m. in OM340

Tuesday at 4 p.m. in OM340

October 9

January 8

April 2

October 23

January 22

April 16

November 6

February 5

April 30

November 20

February 19 Catalog deadline

May 14

December 4

March 5

May 28

                                                             CUE:  January 22, 2013.      
                                                             FINALs to ACC:     Feb 19, 2013

Adjournment:  6:01 pm
Rose Marie Norton-Nader, Recorder – May 22, 2012



Voting Membership (terms ending 2012)



Roger Anderson, Chair 2010-12



B –  Ron Helms, Sociology



Mark Kuntz, Vice Chair 2012



C –  Holly Folk, Liberal Studies 






 At-Lg: Kristin Denham, English



Roger Anderson, Chair (outgoing)



E- Yvonne Durham, Economics, Elected Chair 2012-2013



LeaAnn Martin, AssocDean, CHSS



I – Peter Smith, Library



Billie Lindsey,Commissioner, PEHR






Kristi Tyran, Commissioner, Management



Vacant 2012-13                 , SENATOR



Niall O Murchu, Commissioner, Fairhaven



David Gilbertson, Accounting, SENATOR



Sheila Webb, Journalism, outgoing Senator



Fabiola Arvizu, ASVP






 Victor Celis:






Student 2012-13






Student 2012-13






Voting Membership (terms ending 2013)



Justina Brown, CII, Information Technology Specialist



H-Tracy Thorndike-Christ, Spec Ed



Records: Senate Assistant



D-Mark Kuntz, Theatre & Dance



Rose Marie Norton-Nader, Recorder



A-Janice Lapsansky, Biology



Zach Sisco, Distinguished Student Emp Senate



G-Troy Abel, Huxley College



Members Present



Jeffrey Grimm, CUE Liaison with ACC (nv)



Recorder  and Guests



Steve VanderStaay, VPUE for Provost Riordan



Meeting: 5/22/2012  TOTAL:



Dave Brunnemer, Registrar (nv)






Lisa Zuzarte, Catalog Coordinator (nv)