Motions and Recommendations passed by the

University Planning and Resources Council 2010-11

(from Minutes) 

Jeff Newcomer, Chair







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Strategic Plan:  Ideas and Timeline – Bruce Shepard

        Budget Update:  Paula Gilman


budget reductions

Budget Update: Programs proposed for hiatus
Recommendations from Units and Academic Affairs



Draft Strategic Plan:  Mission, Vision, Goals



2d draft Strategic Plan; Gen Fac Assembly for campus comment


The purpose of the meeting was to conduct a further editing session for the Draft Strategic Plan which had been reviewed at the Board of Trustees meeting on October 7th.  The Board was complimentary and made only one concrete suggestion to change the plan. They supported a plan that was broad enough in scope to be used by a variety of groups in their strategic planning.   The plan was originally prepared by a subcommittee of the UPRC that included Vice Chair Keith Hyatt, Steve Sulkin, Steve Swan, Brad Johnson, Hart Hodges and Paula Gilman.  Council members took this second  opportunity for editing following the presentation to the Board of Trustees on Thursday, October 7.


Newcomer reminded Council members about the General Faculty Assembly – Wednesday, October 20, 2010 at 4 pm in AW204  (entitled “Western 2025:  Mission, Vision, Strategic Goals”) at which the campus community will have the opportunity to provide feedback on today’s draft. 


Further review following campus input at 10/27 meeting



Values statements


Newcomer presented two issues: 1) how to present the format of the “values” drafted by the subcommittee; and 2) the text of the “values” themselves.   The text of the values had developed based on the feedback from the General Faculty Assembly and the comments of constituents.  Many strengths were mentioned and the subcommittee realized that these were not “goals” but rather distinguishing characteristics which could be called “values”, but some hesitation existed around the use of that word.

UPRC decided to first review the main document, and then passed three motions which approved the Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals separately -- with very minor edits.

11/3/10 11/22/10

Accreditation, Themes, Strategic Plan – S. VanderStaay

Science & Technical Services Task Force Reports:

    Brad Johnson, Steve Sulkin, Chairs

Library and Music Library Task Force Report: Brian Burton, Chair

11/10/10 11/22/10
Strtegic Plan Approved

ACTION ITEMS – Executive Committee Motion to Approve the Strategic Plan

The UPRC unanimously passed the following Motion: The UPRC recommends that the Faculty Senate, the President, and the Board of Trustees adopt the Strategic Plan draft approved by UPRC as the new Strategic Plan for Western Washington University.

Plan is as follows:.



Western Washington University serves the people of the State of Washington, the nation, and the world by bringing together individuals of diverse backgrounds and perspectives in an inclusive, student-centered university that develops the potential of learners and the well-being of communities.


Western will build a stronger Washington by being an international leader in active learning, critical thinking, and societal problem solving.

 Strategic Goals

·         Build upon Western's strengths to address critical needs in the State of Washington.

·         Expand student access to rigorous and engaging baccalaureate and graduate education.

·         Foster and promote life-long learning and success in an ever-changing world.

·         Apply Western's expertise and collaborative approach to scholarship, creativity, and research in ways that strengthen communities beyond the campus.

·         Serve as a model for institutional effectiveness, innovation, diversity, and sustainability.



Western … 

·      Exceptional faculty and students engaged in leading edge intellectual inquiry.

·      Liberal arts are the core strength of our academic programs.

·      High quality academic programs are central to our mission.

·      A place to build professional skills and abilities.

·      Research, scholarship, and creative endeavor are fundamental to the Western experience.

·      An environment that welcomes and embraces diversity.

·      Committed to open, passionate, and civil discourse, leading to transparent and well-informed decision-making.

·      Responsible stewards of resources.

·      Distinguished by a sense of place and community.

·      A collaborative environment where faculty, staff, and students contribute to the mission of the University.

·      Bringing the world to Washington and Washington to the world.


Active Minds Changing Lives

11/17/10 1/10/11

Objectives for University Accreditation

Budget Context – Provost Riordan

12/1/10 1/24/11
Cap & Op

Capital Budget

Operating Budget Update




NWCCU Accreditation Standards and Cycle

        (Ron Baker)

Front Lines

Instructional Costs – Provost Riordan

Front Lines Report from Chairs:

    Brad Johnson, Physics; Madge Gleeson, Art

2/9/11 4/4/11

Criteria Cap

Accred Rpt

Capital Project criteria and forms – Benner

Accreditation Draft Report – VanderStaay

2/23/11 4/4/11


Division Op Budgets


Timeline, meeting March 30 change to May 11.

Divisional Operating Budget preparations

UPRC’s role in M/R/E





Rebasing the University – President Shepard

Senate reappoints Newcomer as Chair thru 2013



University Reserves – Paula Gilman

Rebasing the University





Budget proposals: University Relations; BFA; Student Affairs; Academic Affairs (support, including Graduate School)







Budget proposals: University.Advancement; CHSS;

Fairhaven; CFPA, Woodring




Action on first proposals


Budget Proposals: CBE; CST; Huxley; Western Libraries; Graduate School

Riordan Summaries


Recommendations on Operating Budget Proposals Items from the Council.  Council proposed motions to endorse budget proposals from the divisions with the caveat that rebasing discussion is strategic and should be thoroughly done over an adequate time period independently of reactions to pending budget decisions.  Council recommends that plans for rebasing be considered separately from plans for cuts for the 2011-13 operating.budget.

 UPRC passed a MOTION to endorse the recommendations from University Advancement (moved by Riordan, second by Estrada).

 UPRC passed a MOTION to endorse the recommendations from Business and Financial Affairs (moved by Pearce, second by Banton) with the proviso to avoid implementing items 21, 22, and 23 (service reductions) if at all possible. 

Addendum.  Council recognized that you cannot ask for rebasing in BFA when no one knows what reductions to Academic Affairs will be.

 UPRC passed a MOTION to endorse recommendation from Student Affairs, with a request to prioritize to keep Summerstart funded and to protect items 18 and 25 (moved by Anderson, second by Markiewicz).

 UPRC passed a MOTION to endorse recommendations for items 1 and 3 from University Relations, but suggests pooling funds from elsewhere in order to not implement item 2 (moved by Johnson, second Anderson).

A second MOTION was passed asking to examine our capacity and to maintain our capacity for a graphic artist position (moved by Pearce, second by Mathers-Schmidt).

Addendum:  Council suggested that the suggestions put forth by University Relations be explored and seriously reconsidered, noting the wonderful work that Sherry Burkey provides the University, and recognizing how small the funding is in this area.  Provost Riordan will be meeting with John Lawson, ATUS, and University Communications to discuss the suggestions from University Relations.

 UPRC passed a MOTION not to decentralize the Graduate School and stated that it does not endorse elimination of the Graduate School (moved by Sulkin, second by Johnson).  A second MOTION was passed recommending that moneys be found at the first opportunity to avoid a reduction of TAships (moved by Banton, second by Mathers-Schmidt), with an acknowledgement that the Council has a particular concern for this area.

 UPRC passed a MOTION that careful consideration be given to cuts in Acquisitions in the Libraries (moved by Pearce, second by Anderson).  (Considerable discussion preceded this motion as the Library Acquisitions are of high concern to faculty.)

 UPRC passed a MOTION that, based upon the currently available information, recommendations on the remainder of Academic Affairs be postponed until more information is available (moved by Johnson, second by Mathers-Schmidt).

Addendum:  Council recognizes that issues related to rebasing should be considered separately and are a different process from immediate cuts that will have to be made, on which Council could make recommendations right away if it had the numbers and a clarification of which proposals are for cuts and which are for rebasing. 

Council members expressed discomfort with decisions on immediate cuts considered at the same time as long term rebasing and endorse continued and careful deliberation on rebasing the University.  Provost Riordan suggested that very serious discussions are taking place, and what we have in front of us is simply a brief summary of the work that has been done.






UPRC and Faculty Senate – Joint Meeting




Capital Project Proposal Forms: Benner, Simpson

2011-13 Operating Budget: President Bruce Shepard

Budget Reports: Vice Presidents