Motions and Recommendations passed by the

Academic Technology Committee 2011-12

(from Minutes) 

Derek Yip Hoi, Chair






Election of Chair

Geoffrey Matthews announced the election of the Chair for the academic school year. Derek Yip-Hoi announced that he would be willing to take on the position. After short deliberation, Geoffrey Matthews called for a vote.  Derek Yip-Hoi was appointed new Chair of the Academic Technology Committee.


Election of Chair/Vice Chair

Derek Yip-Hoi was elected, by acclamation, to the position of ATC Chair.

Gary Bornzin was elected, by acclamation, to the position of ATC Vice Chair

Switch to Canvas

The following Motion was passed:
The ATC supports making Canvas available to select faculty, as part of a pilot run starting Fall 2012, to study the challenges of converting to this LMS here at Western. This is not to be interpreted as an endorsement at this time of a change to Canvas from Blackboard, though this may be forthcoming pending the findings of the pilot.

There were some continued discussions that touched on the following:

  • General Faculty opinion of BB; whether anyone is extremely supportive of it
  • The impact the switch might have on bandwidth
  • The general benefits and disadvantages of Canvas vs. BB