Faculty Senate Library Committee

Summary Minutes  -  October 04, 2005



Present: Sara Singleton (Chair), Béla Foltin (ex-officio), Kathleen Tomlonovic, Donna Packer,

                Kyle Crowder


Absent:  Steven Emory, Larry Gilbert (ex-officio) , Andrea Peterson, Danny Rowe


Minutes taken by:  Connie Mallison


I.                    Call to order:

            S. Singleton, Chair, called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.


II.                  Minutes:        

There were no minutes to approve as this was the first meeting of the academic year.  The last minutes from the May 05 meeting were approved by email vote.


III.          Announcements:

a)  New Members:  Kyle Crowder was introduced and welcomed as the newest member of the committee; he replaces  Joan Hoffman as the Faculty Senate’s representative.  Andrea Peterson is also a new committee member, replacing Jeff Purdue; however, she was not able to attend this meeting due to conflicting obligations. 

B. Foltin asked K. Crowder and S. Singleton to please forward a request to the Faculty Senate for a new student member for this committee.  He also will bring this up when he meets with the Associated Student Officers later this month.

IV.                Reports Update from Béla Foltin


a)    Library  Fee Proposal The Academic Student Fee proposal submitted last spring, was ruled as ‘not legal’ by the university’s AAG.  However, B. Foltin will continue to pursue this idea during this year, possibly submitting it as a general university fee.  This money will be used to help build the collection, possibly purchase some journals, and also help to fund a student project / request.


b)     Budget Developments & Minor Cap Improvements:  The Library received an additional $130,000 to be added to the Library’s base budget starting this year, and possibly $70,000 more will be added next year, depending on the university’s financial strength.  Foltin told members that the money will be used to help cover the inflation costs on the journals we currently have, keeping cuts to a minimum.  The Library also received funding during this biennium for some minor remodeling on the 3rd and 4th floors to create more space for stacks as well as additional study space for students.

        The Library received approval for one new faculty position, which will be used to hire a permanent Head of Reference and Instruction.  The search for candidates will take place in late 2006, and it’s hoped that the position will start in July of 2007.


c)          Web Initiative:  The Library’s main website is in the process of being updated by the Library’s Usability Group, who are working hard to make it more user-friendly.  The main web page has been updated but it will be a long process to complete the project.  Feedback from test users, new software to track mouse movements, as well as questionnaire surveys, are all methods being used.  


d)         Mongolian Fulbright Scholar:  The Library now has a Fulbright Scholar from Mongolia, Bayarmaa Dulam, who will be working with Wayne Richter this year.  She will also be doing some teaching with Modern and Classical Languages department.



e)      Mongolia 800 Conference:  Eight Mongolian scholars, from the US and several other countries, held a conference at the Library in August.  They discussed Mongolia’s planned celebration of the country’s 800th anniversary as well as the country’s changing culture. They worked on producing a paper to be published later this year. 

f)       Advisory Council for Library Development:  B. Foltin and C. Herbold are working on forming an Advisory Council for Library Development which will include people from the faculty, the community, and from out of the area.  They will be looking at the differences between adequate and superior libraries, and will be exploring techniques and ideas for fund-raising.  They are hoping to hold the first meeting during the Fall quarter.

g)     Focus for the Coming Year:  The Library will be taking on a special library assessment project during Spring quarter 06 called LibQual.  This will be a series of user surveys and data from the surveys will be analyzed and compared with similar data from other libraries.  Rick Osen will be leading this project and will be taking training for this at the ALA conference in January 2006.

Also, the Library is submitting a proposal for funding of a minor capital project, which would come from the next biennium’s budget.  The proposal is for three million dollars and this would be used to renovate the 6th floor so Special Collections could be moved up there.  The renovations would include environmental controls, which are currently non-existent, and new displays to house several new collections that will probably be donated in the near future.  The proposal also includes renovation of the area where Special Collections is currently being housed; the plan is to change this to a 24 hour student study area with a separate entrance/exit.

The Library will be the recipient of the first piece of  “outdoor” sculpture to be placed indoors.  The sculpture piece will be put in the 1st floor lobby entrance where it can be seen from the windows.  B. Foltin will discuss with Sarah Clark-Lanager, the idea of the Library being retained as an exhibit  area for other pieces as well.


IV.                Discussion

a)      Members discussed the academic growth of the university vs the growth of the Library.  The main point raised was that the Library Faculty need to be involved when the university is planning new courses; they can then look at ways to support these new courses and try to obtain funding to purchase the books, journals etc that will be needed. Lines of communication should be more open.  It was suggested that faculty members should have a letter of support from their Librarian before approval is given for a new course proposal.

b)     There was a short discussion regarding borrowing and lending within the Alliance Consortium. Members also gave a brief overview regarding the complexities of the issues involved with the allocation of the Library budget.  It was also suggested that this issue be placed on the next agenda.


V.                  Members Concerns:



VIII.      Adjournment:            

            The meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.

            The next meeting will be held November 15, 05