Faculty Senate Library Committee


April 26, 2006


Present: Sara Singleton (Chair), Béla Foltin (ex-officio), Kathleen Tomlonovic, Donna Packer, Kyle

  Crowder, Danny Rowe, Andrea Peterson, Steven Emory, John Farquhar (for Larry Gilbert),

  Eiledon McClellan, Rick Osen (guest)


Absent:  Larry Gilbert                                       Minutes taken by:  Connie Mallison


I.                    Minutes

Minutes of November 15, 2005 were approved.


II.            Announcements

a)                  New Student Member:    B. Foltin welcomed new student member, Eiledon McClellan. 

b)                 LibQUAL+:  R. Osen explained LibQUAL, a survey the Library will use to assess our services.  The survey will be conducted online and will be sent out this month (April) to all faculty and graduate students, as well as to approximately 1200 undergrads. The survey questions are based on three general categories:  Service, Information Control, and Library as Place.  Results will be compiled by LibQUAL and shared in the fall quarter, probably electronically.  We will be able to compare our results with at least four other peer colleges and universities, who are also using the survey.

c)                  Accreditation:  B. Foltin is serving on the Steering Committee for the university’s upcoming accreditation which will be held in spring of 2008. He is working with Larry Gilbert on coordinating the Library’s and ATUS’ preparations. All reports and collection of materials must be completed by April 2007 and then turned over to the committee.  Foltin would like to have the SLC write a statement which will be included with the Library’s report.  The Library only received low marks, during the last accreditation process, for the lack of organization and coordination between the many ‘libraries’ across campus, which were not (but should be) under the Library’s authority.

d)                 Center for Children’s Books:  B. Foltin has been working with Professor Nancy Johnson (English) and Assoc. Professor Sylvia Tag (Librarian) to create a cross-discipline ‘Center for Children’s Literature’. Currently there are only two established in the U.S., one on the east coast and one in the central part of the U.S.  S. Tag will be the Library’s Project Leader and work has already begun on plans such as policies and how to connect to various curriculums. It’s hoped that a formal announcement can be made at the next Children’s Literature Conference which will be held during Winter Quarter 2007.  Funding would come from development money to be raised, not from the Library’s budget, and B. Foltin said there are several  funding leads already.  S. Singleton stated that the state legislature is currently working on Early Education and will probably view this project very favorably.

e)                 Digitization Projects:  There are several digitization projects in the works, mostly in Special Collections.  Their goal is to make the most unique items accessible to the public through types of virtual digital software. This will be a major undertaking as Special Collections currently has over 200,000 pictures that could be sorted and scanned.  Some materials are already being scanned and are available through the Library Catalog, but the Library and ATUS are also looking at other types of software, such as Content DM and Vital.

f)                   Election of SLC Chair:  Chair eligibility requirements and who would take over as committee Chair was discussed.  S. Singleton’s term is finished after the next SLC meeting at the end of May and K. Tomlonovic and D. Rowe’s terms are also finished, so replacements must be found for these vacancies, unless they want to serve a second term. Members agreed that S. Emory was probably the person who best fits the requirements.  It was decided to check the by-laws and hold the election at the next meeting.



III.                Reports 


a)     Minor Cap Project Update:  The Library’s Minor Caps Proposal to move Special Collections up to the sixth floor has been well received and is now second on the university’s list of projects to be funded for the next biennium. This list has now gone to the state level where all university proposals are combined and prioritized. There will be no final answer until the legislature meets next year but the proposal is still in the top five on the combined list which is very promising.  Minor caps funding does not cover furnishings so B. Foltin and C. Herbold are working on special donor funding for this, which could be substantial if all goes well.

b)         Library Advisory Council and Fly Fishing Collection:  The Library Advisory Council held their first meeting in February 06. Members of this council were chosen because of their strong connections in the community, and good feedback is already being received, especially in the area of the Fly Fishing Collection.  Several possible new donors have come forward and expressed interest in adding their collections to the one we now have in Special Collections.  B. Foltin explained how Paul and Mary Ann Ford’s donations started the collection and that they have now donated over 1800 items of books and materials from their private collection. Donors also provide financial support for this collection.

Members discussed collecting books from professors when they retire. D. Packer said some professors do make this offer, however, often what they have are duplications of what we already own.  S. Singleton asked whether these books/ journals would be worth anything on the ‘second hand’ market, such as Amazon.  Packer said that the Library is already selling some books on Amazon but that it was not a big market.  One area the Library does not collect is ‘current fiction and non-fiction’ and members discussed how the Library might put out the word to the public to encourage donations in this area.  D. Packer said three years ago she added up the cost of buying the ‘Top Sellers List’ but the cost was prohibitive.

c)          Elizabeth Montgomery Collection Research Project: B. Foltin announced that Sylvia Tag (Librarian), had been awarded a summer research grant to organize the materials of the Montgomery Collection which is currently held in Special Collections.  Foltin told members that most of the collections held in Special Collections were ‘working collections’, used by students for various projects.  There will be an update on Sylvia’s project when the SLC meets in Fall Quarter.

d)         Campus School Project:  Marian Alexander and Tamara Belts, from Special Collections, are working with Woodring and the Whatcom Museum to create the Campus School Project, which will include a large exhibit at the downtown Whatcom Museum as well as a collection of materials and oral histories from Campus School Alumni.  Special Collections is also working on digitization of much of this material to allow for easier access to this information.


IV.                Discussion

a)          Discussion items were tabled to the next meeting’s agenda; also ‘progress of potential student fees’ and ‘election of SLC Chair’ will be added to the agenda.


VIII.      Adjournment:            

            The meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.

            The next meeting will be held Tuesday, May 30th, 2006