Faculty Senate Library Committee

SUMMARY MINUTES  -  February 08, 2007


Present:     Béla Foltin (ex-officio), Larry Gilbert (ex-officio), Steven Emory (Chair),Donna Packer,

                    Andrea Peterson, Kyle Crowder, Kathleen Tomlonovic, Eiledon McClellan, Nicholas Wonder


Absent:       Sara Singleton                               Minutes taken by:  Connie Mallison


I.                    Minutes:  Minutes for November 21, 06 were approved by unanimous vote.


II.            Announcements:  

a)         Library Organizational Assessment:  Two consultants have been hired by the Provost’s office to conduct an organizational assessment of the library on Feb 12th  through 14th this is part of an on-going self-study being done prior to accreditation in 2008.  The consultants will give advice on strengths and weaknesses, as well as possible ‘next steps’ to be implemented.  This report will be given to the Provost by mid-March.  A special meeting with the consultants for non-library members of the Senate Library Committee has been arranged for Tuesday, Feb 12th at 4 p.m.

b)                   Request for Student Library Fee:  On February 9th, B. Foltin will submit another request for an Academic Student Library Fee.  If it is rejected, he will begin the process of having the Student Senate initiate a ‘Student Fee Request’.   This fee will help cover the high cost of journal inflation, to buy books through an ‘approval plan’, and to pay for student-initiated projects for the library.  This will not replace any funding we already have but would help provide a separate secure funding stream.  The fee will probably be $1.00 per credit hour with a possible cap at 15 credit hours.  If the library does not get either fee, further cuts in journals and materials will have to be made because there is no other money ‘on the horizon’. 

c)                  This is Larry Gilbert’s last SLC meeting as he is moving to California.  Rob Galbraith will be the interim director until a new replacement is hired.  Members thanked Larry for all of his work and involvement with this committee.


III.                Reports 

a)         Visits to Academic Departments:  B. Foltin will visit each academic department during this year, and has asked each liaison librarian to attend with him.  They will explain and discuss library issues with the faculty of each department.  Visits have already been made to Anthropology, Chemistry, Psychology and PHER.  Foltin is also planning to ask each department to write a ‘thoughtful’ letter to the Provost, explaining what is the main thing their department expects from the library.  He would also like this committee to underwrite this letter. Members discussed how they could jointly ask departments to send a letter to the Provost.

B. Foltin and the Provost are planning to visit President Morse to discuss current and future library funding.  Currently, there is no annual increase allowed for the library in the main budget, and the library receives only approximately 2.3% from tuition fees each year; however, it needs about 7.3% so each year the library funding falls further behind.


IV.                Discussion

a)                  Library Acquisitions Formula – Trial Report:  D. Packer handed out copies of an Acquisitions Formula Trial Data report, which used 2006 departmental data for Faculty FTE, total items purchased, and average journal cost.  She also handed out a report comparing Faculty FTE numbers for 1985-86 and 2005-06.  This compared the percentage of increase for each department between those years, as well as to the total percent of WWU faculty.  Members discussed these reports and the following points were made:

Ø                   There are many variables that can affect the formula and no matter which ones are used, some departments will be affected badly and some positively; there is no perfect formula that will give all departments what they want.

Ø                   We need to know what each department considers a ‘reasonable range’ of literature that they want their students to have access to for their courses.


Ø                   We need to find out what percentage of journals are actually used by students (grads and undergrads) and faculty.  This data could be used later for ‘weighting’ allocation decisions.

Ø                   65% of the library acquisitions budget is used in allocating to departments.  20,000 items are borrowed each year by students and faculty from Summit.

Ø                   It is our responsibility, as part of joining the Alliance, to keep up ‘our end’ of purchasing resources. 

Ø                   The library has access to more journals than ever before; however, we only need/use a small portion of those journals.  We also do not get to choose which journals are offered in their packages, and once the library has signed a contract with them, we’re locked into it for three years.  

Ø                   Publishers are making the pricing structure and purchasing contracts more and more complicated and it seems we’re increasingly getting ‘less for more’.

Ø                   When the allocation formula was first run many years ago, it didn’t work because some areas weren’t allocated anything, so it was manually ‘tweaked’.


B. Foltin told members that he would like the committee to come up with an agreed acquisition allocation plan, by the end of the academic year, that could be implemented and jointly present to the departments.


VIII.      Adjournment:   The meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

            The next meeting – TBA