Faculty Senate Library Committee

SUMMARY MINUTES  -  March 13, 2007


Present:     B�la Foltin (ex-officio), Steven Emory (Chair),Donna Packer, Nicholas Wonder

                    Andrea Peterson, Kyle Crowder, Kathleen Tomlonovic, Craig Moyer


Absent:       Sara Singleton, Eiledon McClellan               Minutes taken by:  Connie Mallison


I.                    Call to order:  The meeting was called to order at 11:05 a.m.


II.                  Minutes:  Minutes for February 8, 2007 were approved, by unanimous vote, with one change to be made to the last bullet point.


III.          Announcements:   

a)         Retirement:  B. Foltin announced that he will be retiring in July 2008.  He�s planning a long lead-in to his retirement in order for a smooth transition to take place. 


IV.                Reports 

a)         Visits to Academic Departments:  B. Foltin�s visited was Communications and Science Disorders faculty on February 26th, along with liaison Librarian, Sylvia Tag.  Foltin said that since he won�t be able to meet with all departments in time to inform the Library�s budget process, he and S. Emory have worked up a draft letter that will be sent out to all departments across campus (see next paragraph).


IV.                Discussion

a)         Draft letter from SLC to Departments:  Copies of a draft letter were handed out which seeks input from all departments as to their library resource needs and which courses require students to use Library materials. Members discussed language changes and it was agreed to add the following language to the letter:  �We will use your input to inform the allocation process for your department.�  B. Foltin will send out a revised draft letter to members next week by email. 

The letter, along with an acquisitions allocation graph, will first be sent out to all departments by campus mail, and then will be sent out again by email, along with a survey form to be completed by Department Heads. It must be returned to C. Mallison no later than May 1, 2007. 

Members discussed the format of the survey form and what kinds of questions should be included on it.  B. Foltin felt that response to this survey should be made �mandatory� because full participation was crucial in order to make informed decisions on the budget and on department allocations.  Members discussed how to get the importance of the survey across to the faculty without �making it mandatory�.  S. Emory and K. Crowder will bring it up in the next Faculty Senate meeting and B. Foltin will bring it up at the next Provost�s Council meeting.  K. Crowder offered to create a draft survey and send it to B. Foltin as soon as possible.  A revised draft will then be sent to all members by email for their comments.


b)         Continuing Discussion of Allocation Plan :  B. Foltin handed out copies of the 1994 �Library Advisory Committee Report to The Provost and Acquisitions Allocation Recommendations to the Provost and Director of Libraries�.  Also, handed out were copies of a document explaining the modifications to this plan.  Members agreed they needed time to review this material and asked that it be put on the next meeting�s agenda for discussion.


S. Emory also requested that, if the Consultants� report was available by the next meeting, this should also be added to the agenda.


VIII.      Adjournment:   The meeting adjourned at 12:05 p.m.

            The next meeting �  Thursday, May 24th, 2007