Faculty Senate Library Committee

SUMMARY  MINUTES -  April 19, 2007


Present:  Kyle Crowder, Steven Emory (Chair), Bťla Foltin (ex-officio), Eiledon McClellan, Craig Moyer, Andrea Peterson, Kathleen Tomlonovic, Nicholas Wonder


Absent:   Donna Packer, Sara Singleton                                     Minutes taken by: E. Furlong


I.                    Call to order:  The meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m.


II.                  Minutes:  Minutes for March 13, 3007 were approved with one correction to reflect that Craig Moyer was in attendance.


III.          Announcements:  

a)    Membersí Terms Ending: S. Emory, D. Packer, K. Crowder. E. McClellen terms are due to end.


IV.                Reports: 

a)    Consultantsí Library Organizational Assessment Report:  In light of B. Foltinís planned retirement, the consultantsí report has been revised to reflect whatís desired in a new University Librarian and how this could affect the Library in the future. Findings should be available next week and will be shared with library personnel and with this group. The Provost also plans on meeting with library personnel in the near future.

b)   Student Library Fee: The Academic Fee Committee has passed the Student Library Fee request and now the proposal will be sent to the Presidentís Council.


V.         Discussion:

a)       Draft Letter and Survey to Departments from SLC:  B. Foltin reported that he spoke to the Provostís Council about the draft survey. The Provost said the library should also find out which materials are being purchased by one college but could be shared by others;  Foltin said he will do this.

Committee members reviewed the draft letter & survey being prepared for department chairs and faculty regarding course reliance on library resources. Concern was expressed that if the survey is too long or complicated people may be less likely to complete it, and if departments decide not to do it, this will skew the allocations.  Members agreed that the letter and survey should be sent out after agreed changes have been made.

b)       1994 Allocation Plan:  S. Emory said that the 1994 Acquisitions Allocation Recommendations report (handed out at the last meeting) was very informative, and at the next meeting he would like to review the plan to see where we stand in terms of todayís allocations.  In discussion of an allocation plan the following points were raised by members:

         The shape of the report: Part 1: a brief history. Part II: Report to the Faculty Senate; Assumptions, and Data

         Reconsider the formula; an algorithm is needed. Changes need to be justified.

         Information is needed on scholarly research

         Request parameters for 1994 allocation from D. Packer

         The plan needs to be transparent to see how the process works.

         Break out into three components: Classes, Faculty Research, Cost of Materials


c)       Setting a Standard Meeting Day/Time: (Tabled to next meeting)  Members will discuss establishing a set day & time for next yearís meetings, (as other Senate committees have done). In the meantime, S. Emory will be sending out an email prior to the next Faculty Senate meeting.



VII.       Adjournment:   The meeting adjourned at 3:10 p.m.