Faculty Senate Library Committee


January 23, 2008


Present:  Craig Moyer (Chair), Jerry Boles (ex-officio), Kathleen Tomlonovic, Nicholas Wonder, Ron Helms, Frank Roberts (ex-Officio), Donna Packer, Rick Osen, Andrea Peterson


Absent:     Wendy Wilhelm, Shawn Knabb                                  Minutes taken by:  C. Mallison



I.                    Call to order:  The meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m.


II.                  Minutes:  Minutes for November 14, 2007 were approved by unanimous vote.


III.          Announcements

a)     Acting Dean Comments:    J. Boles introduced himself to members as the Acting Dean of Libraries until the new Dean, Chris Cox, arrives on June 1st.  Copies of the press release re WWU hiring Chris were handed out.  J. Boles gave three goals for his interim stay at the libraries:

1.           Do No Harm

2.           Continue developing new ideas, i.e. the Study Night, Library Roadshow & Octoberfest

3.           Clean up ‘small things’ within the organization that can be done in the short term

b)       Gift to Campus School Preservation Fund:  The Library received a $10,000 donation to the Campus School Preservation Fund from a former student of the Campus School.  This money will be used to purchase a special high speed digital scanner and special acid-free containers for the Campus School Collection.

c)       Acquisitions Subcommittee:  The Acquisitions Subcommittee will meet for the first time on February 16th.  Their goal will be to present to the main committee improved, revised recommendations for allocating the acquisitions budget.


IV.                Reports: 

a)     Student Tech Fee:  A. Peterson told members about a joint proposal with ATUS being submitted to the Student Tech Fee Committee for seven large plasma displays with whiteboard overlays.  These very interactive displays will be available for faculty and students to use in the Library for watching videos, presentations, working online, saving files etc.  A. Peterson also pointed out this will be a good pilot project for putting them into classrooms and the Learning Commons.  Once they are installed, training classes will be offered to interested campus faculty through the ATUS training facilities.


V.         Discussion:

a)   Changes in Online Resources: D. Packer told members that a major change in database offering would be taking place July 1st.  The Cooperative Library Project consists of six higher ed institutions (including WWU) that have grouped together for better purchasing power.  They recently voted to change contracts from the ProQuest database we’ve been carrying to EBSCO. (WWU voted to retain ProQuest but were the minority vote).  Some popular titles, such as the Wall Street Journal, are not included in EBSCO so we may negotiate a separate contract to continue to receive these.

      J. Boles and D. Packer will be presenting more information on implementing the changes at a future meeting.


b)    Online Survey:  Members agreed to extend the online survey response deadline to Feb 1st

C. Mallison to send draft cover letter to members tomorrow; once approved, she will re-send the letter by email to all Deans and Department Chairs.



c)       Proposed Learning Commons:  R. Osen and A. Peterson told members that the library is proposing to put in a multi-service Learning Commons in prime area on the main floor of the library.  The Learning Commons would offer students a wide variety of related services in a consolidated area for easy access – creating a ‘one-stop-shop’ with open, flexible spaces for learning and creativity. This change is taking place on campuses all over the country with a great deal of success.  Possible services being looked at are from the writing center, tutorial service, Teaching & Learning, ATUS, and food etc. 

Part of this proposal includes moving ATUS to the 1st & 2nd floors of the library which would finally bring all their staff into one building.  Another part would include moving Government Documents and some Reference materials to other parts of the library.

Funding for this proposal would come from the 2009-2011 budget, with construction taking place in 2010. 


d)       Other Discussion Items

Ø       Move # (d) to the future agenda

Ø       Members agreed to deal with # (e) by email.


VII.       Adjournment:   The meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.