Faculty Senate Library Committee


October 3, 2007


Present:  Craig Moyer (Chair), Béla Foltin (ex-officio), Andrea Peterson, Kathleen Tomlonovic, Nicholas Wonder, Ron Helms, Wendy Wilhelm, Frank Roberts (ex-Officio), Shawn Knabb


Absent:     Donna Packer                       Minutes taken by:  C. Mallison



I.                    Minutes:  Minutes for June 7, 2007 were approved by unanimous vote, with two corrections under ‘Reports’


II.            Announcements

a)     New members:  Ron Helms, Wendy Wilhelm and Shawn Knabb were welcomed to the group.

b)     New Library Webpage:  A. Peterson gave a presentation on the new library webpage which provides library acquisition allocation information. The page can be found by clicking on the ‘faculty’ link under “Services for:” on the right side of the Library Homepage; then under Resources, click on “Library Acquisitions Information”. 


III.                Reports: 

a)     SLC Online Survey update:  B. Foltin explained that the deadline for Dept Chairs to respond to this survey was put back to January 15th, 2008 because it was sent out much later than originally planned.  Copies of the survey and accompanying letter were handed out.

b)     Renovation Projects:  Planning for renovation of the 6th floor of Wilson to house Special Collections has begun and should be ready by Spring Quarter 08; construction should begin in late fall of 08. The project will make it a ‘first class’ Special Collections area. The space currently used for Special Collections will become a 24 hour study area with a small café.

c)     Dean’s Search:  Names of candidates should be announced sometime this week as well as confirmation of dates they will come to campus for their interviews.  The SLC will be invited to take part in the interviews; information on the schedule for this should be announced within the week.

d)     CBE Librarian Search:  The recruiting process has started to find a replacement for the College of Business and Economics Librarian.  The search committee has been formed and advertising for the position should go out in the next couple of weeks. 

e)     Library Events:   The library held a very successful Oktoberfest earlier today – complete with German band.  Earlier this summer several staff were involved in a project to learn about  26 different Web 2.0 tools; also Staff Development Day was held in early September. Upcoming projects are a Library Study Night, Library Roadshow, and “Ask a Librarian”. 

f)             Changes to Charge:  The Senate has recommended changes to the committee’s charge; these need to be discussed and adopted or different changes recommended.  Senate President, J. Newcomer, sent an email saying that these changes did not need to be responded to at this first meeting but hopefully during Fall Quarter.  He also offered to meet with the SLC to discuss the recommended changes and answer any questions. 


V.         Discussion:

a)   Closure on Acquisitions Allocation Process:  B. Foltin said the SLC needs to produce a report on the acquisition allocations issues to bring closure to the charge given to this committee by the Senate several years ago.  N. Wonder made a motion that the SLC will form this subcommittee at the next SLC meeting;  S. Knabb seconded the motion and all members agreed.  This item will be put on the next agenda.

b)   Next Steps & Goals for 2007/08:  Several ideas were suggested as follows:

            -  look into putting the ’94 Acquisitions Report online, possibly on the new webpage

            -  form another subcommittee to work on communications between the SLC and the library staff

            -  the Dean of Libraries should be invited to speak to the Faculty Senate

-  another library newsletter – W. Wilhelm suggested that this would be a good project for her marketing students to get involved with;

-  Library Logo; W. Wilhelm said this would also be a good project to have her students work on.

-  Upcoming Library projects include digitizing our students’ masters theses (with permission), adding a ‘Learning Commons’ within the main library, Usability Group working with students to design the new library homepage (other pages still in process).


VII.       Adjournment:   The meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.