Faculty Senate Library Committee


November 14, 2007


Present:  Craig Moyer (Chair), Béla Foltin (ex-officio), Kathleen Tomlonovic, Nicholas Wonder, Ron Helms, Wendy Wilhelm, Frank Roberts (ex-Officio), Donna Packer


Absent:     Shawn Knabb, Andrea Peterson                                 Minutes taken by:  C. Mallison


I.                    Minutes:  Minutes for October 3rd, 2007 were approved by unanimous vote.  Members also agreed to begin approving minutes of each ‘end of quarter’ meeting by email vote. This will enable C. Mallison to send approved minutes to the Faculty Senate sooner.


II.            Announcements

a)     Dean of Libraries Candidates:  Members discussed the interview meetings and the open forum presentations given by the three candidates for the Dean of Libraries position. CDs of the presentations are available to be checked out at the Library Admin Office. Feedback on the candidates should be sent to the Provost by Friday, November 16th

b)     Retirement:  This will be B. Foltin’s last SLC meeting; he steps down from active duty as Dean of Libraries at the end of December.  He will still be working informally on some Special Collections projects until he retires on March 31st, 2008.

III.                Reports: 

a)     SLC Online Survey update:  To date there have only been 189 responses to the Library Resources Survey sent out in September, which is a very low count.  C. Mallison will send out a  reminder to all Deans and Department Chairs that the deadline is January 15, 2008.

b)     Renovation Projects:  Work has begun on plans for the renovation of the WL 6th floor to accommodate Special Collections. A formal plan should be ready by April or May 2008, and actual construction work should begin sometime in Fall Quarter 2008. 

c)     Foundation Development Officer Search:  B. Foltin and R. Gilman have been taking part in  interviews for a new Foundation Development Officer who would be shared between Fairhaven and the Libraries.  They hope to hire one of the candidates very soon.

d)     Library Budget:  B. Foltin told members that the libraries received only $50,000 in new money from the university in this year’s budget allocations.  This amount does not begin to cover the increased journal inflation costs and causes the library budget to fall further behind.

V.         Discussion:

a)   Changes to SLC Charge:  Members discussed the suggested changes made to the SLC Charter by the Faculty Senate.  Members concluded they would like to have the first sentence restored which includes ‘standing committee’ wording.  R. Helms to ask the Senate President why this sentence was deleted.

b)    PHER Questions re Acquisitions Allocation:  D. Packer met with the PEHR Chair to help explain the allocation process and answer questions.  Members discussed the need to create a mechanism for dealing with ‘outside’ communications and questions.  It was agreed to make this a future agenda item.  Members also agreed that C. Moyer will send a response letter to PEHR on behalf of SLC.

c)   Forming an Acquisitions Allocation Subcommittee:  Members agreed to create a subcommittee to handle acquisitions allocations issues.  D. Packer, C. Moyer, R. Helms, N. Wonder have agreed to be part of this committee.  C. Moyer will contact K. Crowder and S. Knabb to see if either of them are interested in also serving on the committee.  Membership will be held to five or six people.  The new charge will be to address the old subcommittee charge and bring it to a close.  A ‘closure report’ should be ready for presentation to the Faculty Senate by the end of spring quarter ‘08. 

d)       Other Items

Ø       Winter Quarter meetings: C. Mallison to set up three meetings for winter quarter.

Ø       Student help: Some of W. Wilhelm’s marketing students could possibly serve the SLC on a Student Internship but she first needs a job description to present to them.  They would work on creating projects that would market the library to the rest of the campus.  W. Wilhelm will send an email to members re ideas of projects that could be done.