Faculty Senate Library Committee

May 21, 2008


Present:  Craig Moyer (Chair), Jerry Boles (ex-officio), Nicholas Wonder, Ron Helms, Frank Roberts (ex-Officio), Donna Packer, Rick Osen, Andrea Peterson, Shawn Knabb    

Guest:      Rick Osen

Absent:    Wendy Wilhelm, Kathleen Tomlonovic                         Minutes taken by:  C. Mallison


I.                    Call to order:  The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m.


II.                  Minutes:  Minutes for April 9, 2008 were approved by unanimous vote.


III.          Announcements:

a)     Acting Dean Updates:    

Ø             Christopher Cox will be taking over as the new Dean of Libraries on Monday, June 2nd.  A special meeting of the SLC has been arranged for June 4th so committee members can have a chance to meet Chris prior to the summer break.

Ø             Orbis Cascade Alliance has negotiated an interim contract with ‘Triple I” that will last until the end of December. They have also negotiated a new, long term contract with WorldCat and the library will be working on changing over to WorldCat Navigator during the coming months. Once the change has been completed, the database system should be much easier to use.

Ø             J. Boles has received a draft of the Library’s accreditation report.  He and R. Osen will be reviewing it for any factual errors.  The final report is due out sometime in July.

b)       New SLC Member:  Margaret Fast has been elected to serve a three year term on the SLC as a library faculty representative, replacing A. Peterson, whose term has expired. 


IV.                Reports: 

a)     Subcommittee Report:  C. Moyer and D. Packer gave a brief update on the subcommittee’s work on the acquisition allocations.  Having reviewed and explored various ideas for changing the allocations, the committee has come ‘full-circle’ and are now back to looking at leaving the current allocations formula alone and instead will look at how to allocate new money when / if it comes in.  The subcommittee has one more meeting on May 30th, prior to the summer break; they will discuss what new rules could be put in place for allocating any ‘new money’ received in future.  J. Boles will send a narrative to members regarding a budget request for additional funding to cover increased journal costs.  R. Helms will present this narrative to the Faculty Senate for discussion.


V.         Discussion:

a)   On-line Survey – What’s Next?:   The subcommittee has been reviewing the raw data from the survey that was taken over the Fall / Winter quarters.  Members discussed their findings; D. Packer will send out a report on these findings by email.  Members asked that this subject be added to the next agenda.

b)   Consistent Feedback to Library from SLC:  Members discussed various ways of providing more consistent feedback, especially to the library liaisons.  It was suggested that A. Peterson could put a link to the SLC webpage on the library’s intranet.  Members also agreed that it should be the Dean’s responsibility to ensure the library receives consistent, quality feedback.

c)   Election of New Committee Chair:  Tabled to next meeting.


VI.        Future Agenda Items: 

Ø       “Online Survey”

Ø       Election of Chair

Ø       Budget Request for Additional Funding


VII.       Adjournment:   The meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.