Faculty Senate Library Committee

October 15, 2008


Present:   Ron Helms (Chair), Chris Cox (ex-officio), Frank Roberts (ex-Officio), Kathleen Tomlonovic, Nicholas Wonder, Margaret Fast, Craig Moyer,

Guest:      Rick Osen

Absent:    Shawn Knabb, Donna Packer                          Minutes taken by:  C. Mallison


I.                    Call to order:  The meeting was called to order by Committee Chair, R. Helms at 4:15 p.m.


II.                  Minutes:  Minutes for June 4, 2008 were approved by email vote in June.


III.          Announcements:

a)       Comments from Committee Chair, R. Helms:  R. Helms welcomed members to the first meeting of the academic year and gave opening remarks about goals for the year.

b)       Comments from Dean of Libraries:  C. Cox provided members with an ‘update packet’ on library events and information:

Ø       “14 Days to Have Your Say!”; the library is making some changes as per student requests made on this blog, such as adding the new book drop located in front of Arntzen Hall.

Ø       New Library Marketing Group;  will look at new ways to market the library to the campus.

Ø       New Library Student Advisory Group; will develop ideas on fundraising & enhancing library service.

Ø       Open Forum with the Dean of Libraries;  discussed library hours with students.

Ø       Fall Open House “Luau in the Library”; very well attended; focused on new & transfer students.

Ø       “Study Break in the Skybridge”; Oct 29th, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

Ø       Map Library – Provost Murphy asked C. Cox to co-chair a working group with Dean Smith to review all matters associated with the Map Library, then provide a report to him by the end of Fall Quarter.

Ø       Assessment Coordinator; this will be a part-time, temporary position to be filled internally.  It will  be reviewed after a year to consider making it permanent.

Ø       The university’s accreditation report, released over the summer, noted that the library needs to engage in a strategic planning process, informed by assessment, to support the University’s mission. C. Cox noted that the library began this planning process over the summer and it should be completed by the end of spring quarter.

Ø       Donna Packer, Head of Library Technical Services department has announced she will retire; she will start reduced hours on Jan 1, 09 and will retire on June 30, 09 (unless the position is filled earlier).

c)           Library Updates – Rick Osen: 

Ø       The Library has begun a reorganization of the Technical Services department.  All members of the department have been participating in the process to produce an organizational structure (or structures) for their department that will meet current needs and be flexible in responding to future needs. Their report is due to the Dean Nov 21st.n  R. Osen handed out an outline of this process.

Ø       An Interim Plan for Tech Services leadership has been set up and will be implemented on Jan 1, 09 when D. Packer starts working reduced hours in preparation for her retirement.  R. Osen handed out a detailed outline of this plan.

Ø       The Library began their strategic planning process over the summer.  Brian Burton has been helping facilitate this process. A draft Mission and Values Statement should be finished by end of Fall Quarter, and a final draft of the Strategic Plan is due to be presented to library personnel for comments in Spring Quarter.


IV.                Reports:

a)   Library Budget Issue:  C. Cox told members that the library will be included in the campus-wide budget cuts but at this time he doesn’t have any more information or details to report. 

b)   Allocations Subcommittee:  Members discussed the subcommittee’s charge and progress made on the allocations process during the last academic year.  They also noted that a report was supposed to have been written by the end of the last academic year and presented to the Faculty Senate.  Subcommittee members will set up new meetings asap to work on producing this report.

c)   Results of SLC University Survey:  The results of this survey are held in a database in ‘raw form’.  D. Packer has this information; also some library liaisons have used this information to help inform their work with their departments.  Members asked R. Osen about the library’s marketing survey, which was conducted as a project by a marketing student last spring.  R. Osen will send the survey results out to members by email.


V.                  Discussion: 

a)   Goals:  The committee discussed how they can work on setting ‘attainable’ goals and what they should be, and how they can provide assistance to the Dean & library in general:

Ø       Better communication with the campus; members discussed ‘gaps’ in getting out library information out to the campus and ideas on how this could be improved (possibly a quarterly newsletter).

Ø       Feedback to the faculty: the committee could provide feedback to the Faculty Senate and to their departments.

Ø       C. Cox suggested the committee could provide assist with the strategic planning process by reviewing drafts and providing feedback.

Ø       Formalize lines of communication with faculty, i.e. establish ‘liaison hours’ within departments on campus.

Ø       R. Helms will speak with the Faculty Senate President about inviting C. Cox to give a presentation regarding library issues at the next Faculty Senate meeting.


VII.       Adjournment:   The meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.