Faculty Senate Library Committee

December 03, 2008




Present:  Ron Helms (Chair), Chris Cox (ex-officio), Rick Osen, Nicholas Wonder, Margaret Fast, Craig Moyer, Shawn Knabb, Donna Packer, Rob Galbraith

Guest:      Elizabeth Stephan, CBE Librarian

Absent:    Frank Roberts (ex-Officio), Kathleen Tomlonovic           Minutes taken by:  C. Mallison


I.        Call to order:  The meeting was called to order by Committee Chair, R. Helms at 4:15 p.m.


II.      Minutes:  Minutes for November 5, 2008 were approved with no corrections or amendments.


III.          Announcements:  None


IV.                Reports:

a)   Library Strategic Planning:   Strategic Planning Committee member, E. Stephan, gave a PowerPoint presentation on the library’s 3 year strategic planning process. 

Ø       Following the Bryson model; the process has been divided into four phases

Ø       Phase One, ‘Planning & Gathering’, began over the summer quarter 08 and is just being completed

Ø       Phase Two, ‘Data Analysis’, will take place during winter quarter 09 – January through March.  Data will be analyzed and a draft report will be written.

Ø       Phase Three, ‘Presentation’, will take place during spring quarter 09.  The draft report will be presented to library employees for feedback; revisions will then be made to produce final plan.

Ø       Phase Four, ‘Implementation’, will take place over summer quarter 09.  The final plan will be implemented and the process reviewed.

Ø       Quarterly updates on the process will be presented to the SLC by committee members.


b)   Planning for Budget Cuts:  Dean Cox handed out a draft document on planning for a 2% budget cut for the 2009-2011 biennium.  He told members he has now been asked to make plans for a 3 to 4% budget cut and was warned that the cuts could go even deeper than this.  R. Osen explained the details of the base budget and the proposed cuts.  Members discussed writing a letter of support for the library and to protect the acquisitions budget.  R. Helms and Dean Cox will meet asap to work on the language for the letter.


V.                  Discussion: 

a)   Subcommittee’s Report on Acquisitions Allocations Formula:  Members discussed feedback received on the subcommittee’s efforts to make the acquisition allocations formula more transparent by creating a new model to follow.  It was noted that there will always be ‘winners’ & ‘losers’, no matter what formula or process is used.

Ø       The Collection Development Team sent a letter to the SLC saying they could not support a “strict interpretation of the new formula”. 

Ø       A revised summary section was handed out which will be included with the formula when the report is presented to the Faculty Senate

Ø       The report will be posted to the libraries’ website next week; a URL for this will be added to the summary.

Ø       R. Helms will present this report to the Faculty Senate to fulfill the committee’s charge to produce a report on the acquisitions allocation process.  Members suggested the following caveat be used when giving this presentation:  “The library will use this formula as a tool when making future decision on acquisition allocations.”


b)   New Courses and Library Materials:  R. Helms led a continued discussion on the problem of new courses and programs being offered without the library having the necessary materials – or funding – to support them.  It was suggested that ‘check box’ could be added to the New Course document to confirm that library liaisons had been contacted regarding the proposed new course.

      R. Helms handed out a document entitled, “Facts about Indirect Costs at WWU”.  After a short discussion, he noted that since time was short, this will be added to the next agenda for further discussion. 


Members were reminded to please forward any future agenda items, which they would like included, to either C. Cox, R. Helms or C. Mallison.  It was also suggested that ‘action items’ from the previous meeting should be added to ensure that they are followed up.   



VII.       Adjournment:   The meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.